Got enough time? No, I didn’t think so. Running a small (but ambitious) company is an exercise in managing your time. Every hour must count. Big companies can throw big resources at a problem, but you have to use your ingenuity to find a more efficient solution.

However, unlike big companies, you can move faster. Technology can level the playing field and big companies struggle to innovate because their size makes change difficult and expensive.

Web-based cloud applications are the perfect disruptive technology to get a competitive advantage over your larger competitors. The right application used the right way can help you get more done. Here are ten business chores you can move online:

1.Keeping track of customers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or Highrise let you keep track of customer interactions online.

2. Invoicing

Get your invoices out sooner and get paid quicker with online tools like Blinksale and FreshBooks.

3. Advertising

Microsoft adCenter and Google AdWords can help you reach new clients online.

4. Writing proposals

If you write a lot of proposals, try Quoteroller. It’ll speed up the process.

5. HR admin

Check out Turbine for time off requests, appraisals, HR records, expenses etc.

6. Recruitment

Online advertising on Monster and LinkedIn can be very effective.

7. Finding freelancers

Need a little extra help? Try Elance or Concept Cupboard.

8. Time tracking

Have a look at Harvest, it’s a great way to track those billable hours.

9. Bookkeeping

The job you love to hate but maybe Xero will make it less painful.

10. Email and calendar management

In the old days, you needed a big server to run your email system. Now, you can do it online with Microsoft Office 365.