Did you know that over 85% of all new business ventures ultimately fail? This statistic shouldn’t deter you from your dreams; it should just put you on alert. You need to realize that, since businesses fail so often, you need to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you succeed. This means focusing on the latest and greatest Internet marketing tips available. Below, you will read about ten website marketing tips that every small business should be using.

  1.  Create the Business Plan

Some people thinking about starting a web business believe that they don’t need a classic business plan. However, this is not only false, it’s actually completely reversed. Not only do you need a plan, but you need a more thorough plan to compete for customers via a medium that’s so tightly packed with competition.

  1.  Trade in Email for Mobile Marketing

Email marketing has long been a way to get a list of contacts and then to push people into a conversions funnel, but more and more people are receiving texts these days instead of logging into email accounts. So either trade in—or supplement if you want—your email marketing for mobile marketing. You’re building contacts the same way. You’re just receiving their mobile number instead of their email address.

  1.  Hone Your SEO Techniques

There are dozens of SEO tips you could learn from an article, but you should focus more on learning about the subject in general. Especially with how it relates to social media, SEO is a vital skill that could easily help you achieve success in business.

  1.  Be Very Social

Some of the tips listed above have already touched on social media, and you also need to touch on it if you’re hoping to achieve succeed. Facebook alone has over a billion users, and that’s only one of the many social networks out there. Create different social networking sites and keep them active.

  1.  Brand Yourself Regularly

Still keeping things in the social realm, it’s important that you use the social networks you’re on and your website to brand yourself properly. This is basically a public relations tip. Your brand is what people are going to recognize about you. It becomes synonymous with the way you do business.

  1.  Content Updates

Due to the way social media functions, not to mention Google’s updates, only regularly updated content is going to help you achieve a higher ranking. Having unique, interesting content that’s frequently updated will also bring more people back to your site time and again.

  1.  Branch Out in Your Niche

Your business competition doesn’t have to be your enemy. You can make business connections with others associated with your niche, as long as they’re not selling the same type of product or service. Building connections helps you tap into their audience and also gives you the inside track on a changing market.

  1.  Give Things Away

Whether it’s a free eBook with a product sale or an exclusive feature for a signup, you have to be willing to give things away to your audience in business. You need to build a lot of contacts and to promote your brand, so being generous is a great way to do both.

  1.  Be an Eclectic Advertiser

Mixing and matching your advertising will go a long way to ensuring results within your niche. Advertise in real publications, online search and article directors, put out press releases, exchange blog posts with people, and never be shy about paying for advertising if it gets your name out there.

  1.  Analyze Your Results

There are many different analytic programs out there, whether it’s one that comes with your website host or a third-party service like Google’s program. You should be frequently looking at your traffic numbers to see if there’s any way you can hone in on what’s working while fixing what isn’t. You won’t know these things unless you look at your results.

The ten tips you have just read will help you remain competitive in your online niche, but only the proper amount of diligence will ensure your ultimate success. In other words, it’s not enough to have the knowledge; you also have to be willing to put in the work.