Choosing the right web host for your blog and website is a very important choice. Make the wrong choice and your blog will suffer continually, you will get grey hair and live a very short life. Choose the right host and you will have sweet dreams.

Here are 10 points to consider when deciding on which host to go with.

  1.  Uptime and Downtime. Many advertise 99.5% uptime. But is that actually true? Investigate.
    2. Technical Support. Ask a few technical questions that relate to your site. Judge how their technical team answer. Try to find others who have experienced their technical support.
    3. Site Speed and Page Load Times. Test other sites hosted by them. Test their speed and page load times.
    4. Management of your account. This should include data, email, backups. Can you do this via a control panel
    5. Virus Protection. Do they offer virus protection? At what cost? Which anti-virus package are they using?
    6. Defence from Hackers and Malware. You don’t want your site to be hacked, go down, or become the newest item on the spammers list.
    7. Scaling. The ability of your hosting to grow with your business. Can you add more disk space easily, with a phone call or email.
    8. Ecommerce. Your host should aid with the technical aspects of accepting credit card orders, including setting up a payment processing system.
    9. Developers. Hosts should help you find developers or modules to make your site function properly.
    10. Space and bandwidth. How much disk space are they offering, at what price. Is it reasonable. What about bandwidth. How much bandwidth are they offering. When your site traffic starts to increase are you going to be left with a bill at the end of the month.

Remember don’t take things for granted. Do your research. If possible seek out other bloggers who can either give recommendations or offer warnings.