At the beginning of the year many research analysts predicted that 2012 would be the year that cloud computing adoption became mainstream.

They said that about 2011 but there seems to be a growing maturity in the cloud market, a collective letting out of pent up breath from the pro cloud lobby that there appears to be a legitimacy about the emerging cloud services. As an experiment I set myself a five minute target to list ten reasons who I felt cloud computing will succeed – a sort of unstructured brainstorming session. This is what came out.

  1. Cost savings – too many to list
  2. Flexible working – attractive to staff
  3. Enhanced recruitment of talent for remote working – they don’t have to live in the hood!
  4. Improved collaborative practices – better communication with staff and clients
  5. Increase efficiencies – too many to list
  6. Security – you don’t have to worry about backing up
  7. Disaster recovery – a falling meteorite destroys your empty HQ – big deal
  8. Broadens target customer base – the world is your oyster
  9. Greater choice of services and providers – bespoke cloud services available
  10. It’s fun – well, hell, I think it is