Wow this is one of those continuous debatable topics in the blogosphere. To blog or not to blog every day, that is the question. There are merits and pitfalls of both sides of the argument. We will discus the pitfalls another time. In this post I would like to discuss why you should blog every day.

Quality of Content

One of the most stated reasons not to blog everyday is the fear of producing poor content. Well this can easily be overcome if planned correctly. Too many bloggers think that they have to post a 1000 word post every day. Trying to do this will certainly get you into trouble. You need to investigate the different types of blog posts that you can use. Some are long, others are really short.

Varying the posts will not only reduce stress but also make your blog that much more interesting.

Look at Darren Rowse’s post on 20 Type of blog post. I am going to mention a few here plus some that he has not mentioned.

  • Informational and instructional
  • Reviews
  • List
  • Interviews
  • Personal thoughts, views and opinions
  • Picture Posts (like cartoons, a picture says a thousand words)
  • Questions and debate
  • Podcasts
  • Video blogs
  • Collaboration posts

Vary the length on your posts. Some can be just one paragraph, others can be 1000 words, while others can be somewhere in the middle. Posting a one or two liner with a good picture can also bring across some great thoughts and inspire debate and comments.

The list post can vary to have a full explanation of each item to just listing the item for people to ponder. The point is that you need to vary the type and length of your post. Doing so, you will soon find that you have tons of time and material to post.

10 reason to blog every day

Ok, once you’ve gotten over the hurdle of actually being able to produce quality content. Here are 10 reasons you should consider why you should be blogging every day.

  1. You build up quality posts quickly. In blogging, stock is important, especially for search engines. The more you have to find the better your chances.
    2. Keep your writing skills sharp. Like any skill, Practice makes perfect. Stop using your skills and you will lose the edge. I’m dyslexic (wow did I spell that correctly), and found that blogging everyday has certainly improved my writing skills.
    3. Improve your communication skills. Blogging is communicating. The more you blog the more you communicate, thereby improving your skills.
    4. You find your blogging voice. When you write every day, you learn your voice. You find your rhythm.
    5. You entrench your credibility. Not that you have no credibility if you don’t blog every day. But blogging everyday with good quality posts improves your credibility amongst your readers and peers.
    6. It solidifies your commitment. Building a community takes time and patience and commitment. 55% of blogs fail after three months. Probably because of a lack of commitment or a false view of commitment.
    7. Help your Google ranking. Stands to reason that the more you have the better your ranking. Without going into all that SEO stuff, I can say that Google definitely looks at the number of pages/posts as one of its ranking algorithms.
    8. Keeps your blog fresh and updated. No one likes a stale blog.
    9. It spurs your creativity. You start to look for more ideas, better ways of doing things. Writing every day makes us better thinkers. More interesting articles to write. It’s great exercise for your brain.
    10. You cover a much wider spread of topics. Blogging everyday gives you the opportunity to cover different topics in different posts. Avoiding the danger of trying to cram everything into one or two posts. Your posts can be shorter and have much more punch, and most of all, be of better quality.


Not every one might agree with me. Certainly blogging every day is not a hard and fast rule. But there are benefits to it. But it only works if you have quality content. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

If you could find quality material everyday, I’ll cover this in a different post, why would you not blog every day? Have a look at Chris Brogans post on How to Blog Almost Every Day to get some ideas for blog posts.