Every blogger wants to succeed. Else why do you blog? Human beings have a strange desire to be on top. To come first. To win. To be successful.

Is there a magic formula to being successful at blogging? In my mind there isn’t. But we can gather some great tips from around the internet and other bloggers.

  1.  A successful blogger is a hard worker

Blogging takes a lot of time and exercise. It is hard work. The more bloggers I get to know the more I realise that they too believe that blogging is hard work. Be prepared for blood, sweat and tears.

  1.  A successful blogger writes a lot

It’s all about the numbers. Most of the top A-list bloggers that I know are prolific in their writing. They post articles or have articles posted round about three times a day. Sometimes more. I’m not saying that you need to post three times a day, but rather that you do need to write a lot, and be consistent. Once a day or at the minimum three times a week.

  1.  A successful blogger is a learner

Don’t think that once you are successful that you have arrived. There is always much to learn. The internet changes. Technology changes. Other people know more than you do. Don’t be surprised. If you want to be successful, then get out there and learn, learn, learn.

  1.  A successful blogger interacts with the community

Don’t think for a moment that once the article is written that the job is done. The easiest part of blogging is actually writing the article. The hardest and most time consuming is the interaction with your readers and the community at large. To be successful you have to interact. Reply to those comments. Read other blogs. Comment on other blogs. Help your fellow blogger where you can. Be visible on various social media sites. Get involved.

  1.  A successful blogger is a friend

In business your competitors are generally seen as your enemies. To be trodden upon and to be beaten. In blogging this is totally the opposite. Be friendly with other bloggers in your niche. Help them where you can. Link to them. In the world of blogging we grow together.

  1.  A successful blogger is consistent

To be successful you need to be consistent and reliable. Post often but be consistent. Be consistent in your comments, in your replies in your posting. Don’t post once a week, then once a day, then three times a week. Keep it real. If you want to post three times a week, then keep to that schedule.

  1.  A successful blogger is caring

Do you care what your reader thinks or what they say? Successful bloggers care and take note of what their readers say. Successful bloggers know what their audience likes, what gets read the most. They have their ear to the ground.

  1.  A successful blogger wants to succeed

Sounds a bit of a contradiction. If you are successful have you not then succeeded. But that is further from the truth. The minute you lose site of succeeding then you are not successful. Always have goals. Always strive to improve, and to do better. Don’t rest on your laurels. Keep at it, strive to be better.

  1.  A successful blogger has a personality

Nobody likes nor will they follow a dry and dreary blogger. Put some personality in those posts of yours. Show people you are just like them. Don’t remove yourself from your readers. Don’t become all high and mighty, or untouchable. Make your posts your own. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s work. You can use their posts to inspire you, but put your own twist on it and shower your own unique personality all over it.

  1.  A successful blogger has passion

If you are not excited about your blog, how can you expect others to be. You have to have passion for your blog and for what you are blogging about. That’s why it is very important to choose the right niche. Don’t choose a niche because you think others have been successful with it. Choose a topic and niche that you have knowledge and passion for. Your readers will see your passion and in turn be inspired by you. Otherwise they will see your lack of knowledge and passion and pass you by.

Your thoughts

What do you think makes a successful blogger. If you have a list or want to add to our list, please, please leave a comment. Waiting to read your thoughts and ideas.