Here are ten things I consider to be the stupid things people do on Facebook. You might disagree, you might not.

  1.  Post updates while getting married – Come on people, I know this is an exciting day for you and you want to share it with the rest of the world. But focus on your bride. Listen we can wait a day or two for the pics.
  2.  Playing Farmville – What a waste of time. Playing Farmville, Mafia Wars or any of those other time wasting, time sucking online Facebook games. Nothing shows that you have no life than seeing you play those time black hole games.
  3.  Post compromising pictures of yourself – Facebook is a public place. News Flash, there are weirdoes that frequent Facebook. Posting pictures of yourself half naked, or in your underwear or in any compromising situation is a big fail.
  4.  Rant about your boss – Just because your boss might ban Facebook at work, does not mean he does not have a Facebook account. Nor does it mean he cannot read your posts. If you want to get fired quickly, rant about your boss or place of employment.
  5.  Tell people you are not at home – Oh boy, do you want to get robbed. Don’t advertise on Facebook that you are out of town. Especially in crime ridden areas. What, do you really think that criminals do not have Facebook accounts.
  6.  Pretend to be sick, then upload party pictures – How stupid is this? Take sick leave, then upload pictures of you partying or on holiday having fun.
  7.  Talk to dead people – I know Facebook is huge, but come on. Do you really think dead people are reading your Facebook wall, or theirs for that matter.
  8.  Over share your life – I really don’t need to know nor care when you go to the toilet, or what your vomit looked like, nor do I need to know any other intimate details of your sordid life.
  9.  Advertise your criminal activity – Don’t share how you cheated in your exam, or how easy it is to steal money from your work college. Don’t share how you lied to your wife or girlfriend, or cheated.
  10.  Set up Facebook for your pets – I know some animals are extremely intelligent, but this is bordering on the mentally insane.

Do you know of any other crazy, stupid moronic things people have done on Facebook? Please share those with us.