Hurry up weekend. Yay the weekend is upon us. For many the weekend is a time that is looked forward to after a long week of hard work. But bloggers are not tied down specifically to a 5 day week. So what do you do with your blog on the weekend? What kind of things can you do with your blog on the weekend?

  1.  Take a break

The most obvious one. Take a break, have a rest. The weekend was created specifically to give us rest. Take time out from the normal week. Spend time with friends and family. Go out, go shopping. A change is as good as a holiday. You need to recharge those batteries for the battle of the next week coming.

  1.  Build your community

Take time away from your actual blog and build your community. This will indirectly affect your blog anyway. Seek out more social network friends on Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook etc. Answer some of those DM’s you received. Check out your mentions and see if you need to reply back.

  1.  Do some research

The weekend is the perfect time to find other blogs and just chill out and read. Continually gathering information that will aid you with your posts for the coming week. Read blogs in your niche. Read your competitors blogs. Read blogs outside your niche.

Not only will you be gathering useful information and blog post ideas, but you will soon get to know what the buzz is in the blogosphere. This is important as it can have a direct impact on your traffic.

Example, the last two weeks or so, there has been a lot of buzz about A-list and Probloggers and their interaction with comments and responding to comments. A perfect time to cash in on the buzz by writing a challenging article around the same topic. It can agree or disagree or even offer a different perception on the subject.

  1.  Engage with the community

You might be so busy during the week that you hardly find time to engage with other bloggers. Now is the time to do it. Go comment on other blogs. Promote their posts via your favourite social network site like Twitter. Answer Questions. Reply and respond to other comments on other blogs. Show people that blogging is not just about you.

  1.  Post a paragraph post

Feeling a bit lazy but still want to keep your blog posts ticking over. Then why not post a very short blog post. Just one paragraph. Perhaps a small list of no more than 5 points. Quick, easy and to the point.

I run a Blog Paragraph Collaboration Challenge. Why not write a paragraph and get it over to me. Each week I choose a topic, and solicit volunteers to post their paragraph on that subject. An example, our fist collaboration: What is the one thing that can improve your blog?

  1.  Guest posts

Has someone offered to guest post on your blog. Why not use this opportunity to upload one or two of those. Does not take much effort, but carries the weight of a normal full post.

  1.  Promote some of your old posts

Often we promote the current posts on our blogs. If you write one or more posts a day, then very soon those older posts get forgotten. This is a great time to dust of those spider-webs from those great old posts and start to promote them on your favourite social network site.

You might even drag those posts out of the archive, refactor and reorganise the content. Improve on it, change it a bit, bring it up to date, add something new that you have learnt. Then repost it.

  1.  Create a summary post

The week has been a busy time. The weekend can be a time to tie all the important and noteworthy things together. Write a summary post of the important threads, ideas and posts that graced your blog during the week. Write a general summary posts of other blogs and articles that you feel are important and touched your life.

  1.  Create a Question post 

Write a post that simple asks a question of your readers. You will often find that on these posts readers not only answer your question but ask more. These questions are often perfect topics to write upon in the following week.

Run a poll. This is just a variation of the Question post.

  1.  Stock up on your reserve posts

There is going to come a time when you cannot physically write a new post. You might be sick, you might have other priorities, you might be on holiday. The week end is the perfect time to stock up and increase your reserve post stash.

Over to you

What do you do on the weekends? Do you have any other ideas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.