Clear space, clear mind. And clear minds always equate to improved performance in the workplace. While you may be of the opinion that putting your all into work is enough to drive results, research suggests that it may be time to invest in some office cleaning. And I don’t just mean cleaning in the “physical” sense, but also the digital. 

According to a study compiled by, a clean place of work can have a myriad of positive benefits for both employers and employees. Results showed that the simple process of tidying boosted productivity by tackling four key areas: reducing sickness, boosting motivation and staff morale, constructing a fresh, clean company culture, reducing stress.

Take things step-by-step, design a de-cluttering plan, and work your way through it. Be sure to incorporate these ten tips to guarantee you’ve got all bases covered…

1. Ask Each Employee To Declutter Their Desk & Desktop (As In Computer Desktop!)

De-cluttering isn’t a one man job. Get the team invested in the office overhaul and ask everyone to deep clean their own work area.

2. Re-Evaluate Your Space

Take a look at the items you have stored and consider the space you have available. Shred and dispose of old paperwork, and perhaps even throw out any old equipment. Be ruthless and consider digitizing your records.

3. Create Designated Eating Areas

To immediately reduce desk litter, spills, and smells, allocate designated eating areas that are away from desks.

4. Curb The Cable Frenzy

Cables are one of the main culprits of office clutter, but wires needn’t run wild. Keep them under control with cable ties, spines, and snakes. This is without a doubt one of the most overlooked elements of office cleanliness.

5. Keep Electronic Equipment Clean

Reduce dust and extend the life of your electronic equipment by keeping it clean. Screen wipes, microfibre cloths and compressed air should do the trick.

6. Assign A Place For Everything

Items that aren’t given a home are just waiting to become clutter. Put time aside to give everything a place. That way, when bits and bobs build up, everyone will know where they belong.

7. Be Imaginative With Available Space

Not enough room to store your office stuff? Get creative. Why not think outside of the box – go vertical, and install tall storage solutions.

8. Systemise Daily Paper Trails

Have a system for the workload that passes through the office. Whether this ends with filing, shredding, or hitting the waste bin, establish an end to the paper trail.

9. Book A Dehumidifier Service & Maintenance

Give the office air a health kick with a dehumidifier service and maintenance. Apart from the obvious reduction in humidity levels, this will generate an environment less appealing to mould, mildew and dust mites.

10. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

To stay on top of the improvements you make, enlist the assistance of a professional cleaning company. While this will cost money, it’ll be recouped many times over in the long run through enhanced productivity.