So you went by the book (read content marketing best practices) but you don’t see any results? The good thing is that you did what you had to do. The bad thing? Maybe you didn’t do it right. Let us explore the many reasons your content marketing efforts aren’t working.

1. Your Writing Is By Amateurs

There are many writers, consultants and marketers waiting to help. You can hire anyone for 10 bucks and you get a blog or posts for your social media accounts. There is nothing wrong with that. Except when you let them work in silos, that’s the problem. Content marketing is not just blogging or buffering a few posts a week. It is about creating the right strategy for your target audience. Hire experts and don’t be shy about increasing your content marketing budget.

2. Your Content Is Not Useful

What is the point of creating content that your audience is not interesting in? You are wasting your time, money and efforts on a fruitless activity. If your audience is middle-aged, then content on babies or seniors many not be the right strategy. Study your competitor. Study your reader’s demographics and create content that offers solutions to their common problems.

3. You Don’t Have SEO

If you are hiring writers at 10 bucks, then you probably don’t have a proper SEO practice in place. What is the point of writing content that no one will find? Following SEO practices is important. Hire an SEO expert to do a thorough examination of your content.

4. You Are Not Marketing Your Content Enough

Ok so you already have good content and you know everything about SEO. So maybe you are just not promoting your content enough. After all, there is the marketing in “content marketing”, right? Create an effective editorial calendar that promotes older content.

5. You’re Doing It As An Obligation

Do you have a company blog just because your competitors have it? Or do you have it because you want to share your knowledge (freely) to your readers? There is a big difference right there. Your content, whether in written form, graphic or video, should be useful to your readers. You need to consistently share useful information or content that entertains your readers. Only then will you be an authority in your industry. Have fun with your content marketing. Do it for your readers.

6. You Don’t Know Your Audience

This point is like point #2 but is just as important. You need to know what kind of people are on different social media platforms. For example, craft your Linkedin posts with your insights about the article. Sharing only a link to a random blog will not engage your audience there. Pinterest is said to have more women on it. Do you get the point? Follow image and character specifics of social media platforms. Follow guidelines for scheduling posts.

7. You’re Not Engaged With Your Audience

Take the time to reply to comments invite comments and act on any feedback you may get from your readers. Just tweeting is not enough. It is important that you retweet other’s tweets and reply to those who engage with your content. This builds the relationship and for other witnessing this, it builds trust for your brand.

8. Your Content Has Typos

Badly written content has a negative effect on your brand. All your content needs to be brilliant and thoroughly proofread. Get only trusted and legitimate writers from custom writing services to make your content flawless.

9. You Are Not Consistent

If you’ve already garnered the right content and the audience, then you need to be consistent. This enhances your credibility to your readers. Plus, your content is indexed more often by search engines! These are enough reasons for you to be consistent in sharing your content.

10. Your Content Is Not Original

Would you like to read what you have already read? Maybe not. There is also the point about “content shock” have you heard about that? It means that readers consume so much content in a day that after awhile they start to ignore content. Create appealing visuals and interesting content that nobody has seen before! Your content needs to be original to stand out of the crowd. Make it unique.

11. You Just Started

You’re doing everything right and still not getting enough traction on your website? Content marketing would not give you instant gratification because it takes time. It takes a time to build an audience and more so, an audience that is an ardent fan of your work. Give yourself at least 6 months time to see traction.