Every organisation, whether big or small, needs to adopt new technologies to rise up in the competitive market. Toll-free numbers have evolved as one of the most important tools for the business development. Nowadays, a toll-free number are seen everywhere say on websites, advertisements, televisions and so on. Studies show that 68% of public were more inclined towards toll-free numbers rather than the other number reflected on web addresses of companies. This happens due to its number of fruitful benefits.

1. 24×7 Availability

How about giving a number to you customers on which they can reach you anytime, anywhere. Toll-free numbers will provide such service to customers. It will result in a better customer satisfaction in return better business. Toll-free numbers help you be available to your callers 365 days 24×7. You just need to set an IVR (Interactive Voice response) system and you are all set to be approachable anytime by your callers.

2. Answering Customer’s Queries

The customer’s queries and grievances can be easily heard on these toll-free numbers. As they are free for customers, they do not hesitate to make a call. They even do not get worried about the time period they are utilising in discussing their issues with you. They can take their own time to ask/make you aware about their requirements/problems. You can listen to them and allow to solve it feasible.

3. Tot-Up Customer Satisfaction

Toll-free numbers are a good means to add up customer satisfaction. The customers always contend that executives are available at toll-free number to help them get rid of their problems. They will be answered instantly thus increasing their level of satisfaction. Customer satisfaction being an important aspect of business helps to add goodwill to business.

4. Customer Retention

Retaining of customers is as important for the company as fetching new customers. Satisfied customers are more likely to make a repetitive purchase from the company. Toll-free numbers can be great means to provide after sale service. The customers can call you for any query regarding the product/services bought. The great care they are given on these toll-free numbers helps in customer retention. It adds to the revenue of the company.

5. Call Forwarding

Toll-free numbers come with the feature of call forwarding. Any call dialled on the toll-free number by your customers can be connected to your mobile phones/your home telephone phone number/any other number you want. This will always give an impression to your customers that you are radially available in the office at their service all the time. So travel wherever you want, a toll-free number is there to assist you. You can even enjoy holidays with your family or a lunch at a restaurant without missing any call from your clients.

6. Call Tracking

Any missed/unanswered call received on the toll-free number can be tracked and can be answered in future. This will help to gain the confidence of your callers. They can be assured that their calls will be answered undoubtedly after some time, if not right away. This also helps you utilised any missed opportunity for business.

7. Ease Of Remembrance

Toll-free numbers come with the comfort of easily remembering them. It is always easier to remember 1-800-MEDICINE than 1-800-565-8798. This will make your customers call you more often as they need not look for your number in there telephone list/directory for making calls. You can have vanity numbers as your toll-free numbers making it easier to remember and call.

8. Reckon Up Brand Identity

Whether you are an SMB or large scale company toll-free number tots up credibility and brand identity to your company and thus adds up to your company’s image among your customers. It helps you to become more trustworthy among your customers.

9. Voicemail/Fax Services

There are many toll-free number providers who provide voicemail and fax services as an add-on to it. You need not waste money on PBX phone system or fax machine. You just need an internet connection and you can access these services using a toll-free number.

10. Geographically Present Everywhere On Globe

You are a resident of North America and you are about to do a business with a company lying in North America. It will surely require you to think twice about a company whose origin is somewhere else. But on the contrary, if the company lies in your own region you will be more confident in doing business with it. Toll-free numbers allow you to have a local number of any country/city pretending to be in that particular region of the globe.

11. Personalised Acknowledgment

Customers love to be treated as the king. Won’t they love a personalised message greeting them a warm welcome every time they call you. Toll-free number gives you the privilege to do so. Next time whenever people call you they can be greeted with “Thank you for calling ABC company. Please wait while your call is connected to our executive”. They can cherish musical notes while waiting for your executives connect to them, this will be much interesting than getting bored while waiting.

12. Identifying Potential Customers

The Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology used by toll-free numbers help to identify potential customers in a better manner. Thus giving you more opportunities to utilise your leads and increase sales.

13. Tracking Marketing Efforts

Different marketing strategies can be assigned different toll-free numbers because of its availability at a very nominal cost. This will help to track of the magnitude of the advertisement campaigns and promotional activities. For instance, you can assign a particular toll-free number for advertisement on television and other for radio. Yet other for yellow pages and billboards. Keeping a track of the call logs adhering to different campaigns can help you point the ones which are profitable ones. Now you can invest more on the ones yielding more inquiries to make the most out of it.

14. Supports Relocation

Once you get a toll free number, it becomes yours, no matter wherever you take your office to. Relocation becomes easier with toll-free numbers. You do not have to change your number as you shift from one place to other. You can carry the same number with you, furthermore, you can maintain the same number if you change the providers also. Your customers will not even have an idea that you are changing your place of business and you can do it very easy and simple. No more hassle of getting new numbers for the new place or informing your customers about the change in your number.

15. Scalability With The Growing Business

Business is prone to growth. You might be growing everyday/every month. You might be growing to every city/every country. Toll-free number helps to add a new number everyday irrespective of the location of the number. A simple logging into online control panel and your number will be switched to your destination number automatically. So no more changing your number on business cards every time you grow. Your customers just need to call on the number stated there and they will automatically hook to the phone number you desire to connect them to.

16. Disaster Management

Though we never want to face few situations we need to be ready for it. Toll-free numbers come forward in your hard times to help you. Any unforeseen circumstances such as fire, flood, storm, etc. can prevent you from being physically available in your office/field of work. Through toll-free numbers your customers can call you and they not even have any idea whether you are present at the office place or not, get connected to your phone number wherever you are. This is a great relief when you are facing problems, at least you are in contact with your customers/callers.

Toll-free numbers were a luxury few decade ago. Now it has become a necessity for all the business organisations and serves as a blessing to it. Customers always expect a business organisation to have a toll free number. It helps to add professionalism to your company. You just need to scroll through the various toll-free number service providers in the market and contact one of them. They will come forward to assist you with easy installation system. Add toll-free numbers, add reputation to business and you can definitely experience improvement in your business communication!