Well here we are at that time of the year when pundits begin to review the year gone and make their predictions for the year to come. So what’s the story in world of Availability? Here’s my view:

At the risk of sounding bah humbug, what sticks out most in my mind about 2009 was the number of high profile outages for companies that really can afford (in all senses of the word) to do better:

Salesforce.com; Barclays; O2; Blackberry; Google; Virgin Media; YouTube; BBC; Vodafone; EBay; Microsoft’s Bing; London Stock Exchange; British Airways and during the busiest shopping day of the year, ToysRus (hopefully Santa has the fall out covered…)

Also worthy of mention are the various reports showing that not as many companies are deploying virtualisation in production as the pundits predicted last year.  Perhaps they are frightened of the always on world and the associated increase of risk?

Then on the good news front, there was the announcement about Avance, the breakthrough software solution set to make ultra high availability ultra highly available within the next two years.

And so to 2010, what’s on the horizon? 

Clouds, clouds and more clouds. Bringing with them growth in the virtualisation and ultra high availability markets.

I believe that this will be the year when cloud computing finally passes the tipping point. Whether implemented in a private way (as predicted by Gartner) or not, the best way to deploy in the cloud is via virtualisation.  So we will see this market growing.

This, of course, will put pressure on the availability story – so the need for some damn good platforms to host it all on will grow too.

That’s it for this year from this availability advisor.