I recently bought an iPhone and didn’t know where to start when it came to apps. After getting tips from my contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, I’ve compiled a list of the best apps for Project Managers. There’s a lot of competition so I’ve favoured the apps I feel are the best value for money – though do leave a comment if you disagree with me.

Educational iPhone apps for the studious Project Manager

  1. iBlurb (£0.59): More than just a bit of fun, this app allows you to write speech or thought bubbles on pictures, add dates and times and even alter pictures with clip art – great for brainstorming ideas on the go and creating fun images for presentations.
  2. SimpleMind Xpress (Free): This free version of SimpleMind’s brainstorming app allows you to drag and arrange ideas, including between multiple maps.
  3. iStudy PMP Exam (Free): A study app for those preparing to take their Project Management Professional exam.
  4. PRINCE2 Snakes and Ladders (£4.99): With rave reviews on iTunes this engaging app is well worth investing in if you’re looking for a fun way to revise PRINCE2 on the go, with 60 foundation level questions.
  5. iPocket Coach (£0.59): Have a tricky situation to deal with? This app makes suggestions for what you can do e.g. how to fire someone.

File Management iPhone apps for Project Managers on the go

  1. Evernote (Free): Store data – text, web pages, audio or images – and sync it with your computer. Nifty features include: make a recording and have it saved to your Evernote account, so it’s backed up an accessible anywhere, and photograph text and have Evernote search it.
  2. Documents to Go (£5.99): Edit presentations or reports on the go without interfering with formatting, then sync to your computer via wireless. For full Microsoft compatibility try popular Quickoffice Mobile Suite (£5.99) or if you require something free try Database Viewer Plus Lite for Microsoft Access and Excel.
  3. FileMagnet (£2.99): If you want independence from the cloud and don’t need to edit files, try FileMagnet to store, view and wirelessly transfer (including automatic synchronising) files.
  4. Box.Net (Free): A free alternative with 1 Gb free storage; this web-based service allows you to upload files to a Box.Net account from your computer. The best feature enables you to share documents with others and collaborate on this single file. A similar and also free competitor is Dropbox, but I’ve found Box.Net marginally better for professional use.
  5. Print n Share (£3.99): Print documents directly from your iPhone and even send your printing remotely, so it’s ready for you when you arrive at the office! It allows you to use your iPhone as a drive so you can easily move files onto it and it also allows emailing within the app.
  6. Air Mouse Pro (£1.19): Sync up with Microsoft PowerPoint and use your iPhone as a remote control for your presentations. In addition, you can also use your iPhone as a touch pad for your computer – all via Wi-Fi.
  7. Scan2PDF (£3.99): Photograph documents and convert them into PDFs, just like a scanner. An alternative is pricier White from Qipit (£7.49), which allows you record a whiteboard before you wipe it out, and is popular due to its high quality images with good contrast.
  8. imphoto (£1.19): Correct pictures automatically, making sure pictures you take on the go are good quality and ready to print without needing to Photoshop them on your PC.

Time Management iPhone apps

  1. Tungle (Free): This calendar app is an excellent time saver when you need to schedule meetings, working with Outlook, Google, iCal, Entourage and Lotus Notes. You can book meeting across companies and time zones, one-to-one and in groups, and also share your calendar with a personalized page displaying your availability.
  2. Insight (£5.99): Basecamp for the iPhone, with access to all the key elements such as projects, to-do lists, messages and access to files attached to your project such as PDFs and Office documents. The only minor downer is the lack of storage, so you need to connect by Internet to access your Basecamp account data. If you want some simpler, Things (£5.99) is great for managing multiple to-do lists.
  3. ClockIn (£1.79 in sale): Allocate and monitor time you spend on different projects for multiple clients. You can easily send the information via email, which is formatted in either HTML or CSV (for easy transfer to spreadsheets).

Communications iPhone apps

  1. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (Free): Have web-based meetings and conferences on the go, with the ability to share desktops, view documents, and applications. There’s limited functionality away from the States at the moment, which the developers are working on. For cheap calls over Wi-Fi the well-known alternative is free and easy to use Skype.
  2. QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) (£1.79): Send emails by talking to your phone and making limited physical contact. The missing function – the ability to record voice reminders – is coming soon according to the developers.
  3. ContactsPlus (£0.59): A decent tool for managing contacts, allowing you to create and organize groups.
  4. Bumb (Free): This nifty tool shares your business card via Bluetooth when you shake iPhones!
  5. Invoices2go (£5.99): Make estimates and invoices quickly with 10 built-in templates and the option of customizing with your own logo.

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Heather Buckley is Director and co-founder of IT and business training providers Silicon Beach Training. Founded in 1999, Silicon Beach Training run public-scheduled training courses in their Brighton Training Centre as well as bespoke on-site courses worldwide. Popular courses include Social Media Training, Photoshop Training and PRINCE2 Training, which has recently been launched in Birmingham. Heather writes on the Silicon Beach Training blog with a focus on IT, Project Management and Social Media as well as offering Photoshop knowledge from her experience as a photographer.

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One Response to “21 Invaluable iPhone Apps For Project Managers”

  1. Laura Ricci says:

08/05/2010 at 01:51

Great post!

I’d add my favorites:
File Management: Dropbox. In the cloud access to files, and being able to view them from my iPhone is an extra great feature.

Time Management: Timebridge. I wasted hours trading emails to set up meetings with multiple parties. Now I send one email and let Timebridge take it from there. The meeting shows up on my calendar as soon as everyone has replied.

Delivery Status by Junecloud. Now I know exactly where a package is, whether a document on the way to a client, or supplies I need for a presentation.

All Hours by Halle Winkler/Politepix. Setting a time for a meeting across time zones often resulted in my noting the wrong time in my calendar. This allows me to see three locations at once, and when I’ve agreed to a meeting time, I’m one click from having it added to my calendar.