Web technology is always changing. Whether you are a web developer, designer, e-commerce company, small business owner, or project manager; here are some web technologies to watch in the coming years to ensure you are aware of the latest and greatest in online technology.

1. Managed Content

Content Management Systems or “CMS” have been around for a while, think WordPress, Squarespace, or Drupal. These content management systems allow non-techies to manage content. From Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, to small home businesses; Content Management Systems allow non programmers to easily update images, text, and video on their site. This a web technology to watch as today’s Content Management Systems allow for even more ease of use by layman as well as increased customisation. A local agency such as a web design company Melbourne can build custom Content Management Solution to suit unique and individual needs of each client.

2. Mobile Domination

We used to live in a world where a mobile optimised was an expensive and optional part of your website. Those days are long gone. Today, mobile first web design is a must. That means that your website needs to be not only optimised for web but put phone and tablet users first. Designers and developers need to understand that the majority of the users will be interacting with the site on a mobile device. A mobile first site uses each device’s strengths ensuring that users get a fully interactive and engaging experience on each device. Mobile first and complete mobile domination are some of the biggest must web technologies to watch.

3. Intuitive Design

The bar for modern web design is very high. Ever since Google released their Material Design the design community has been upping their game. Google Material Design emphasises using bold and specific colour choices. It also encourages designers to think three-dimensionally and use lighting and motion to mimic real life events. You will likely here intuitive design and Google Material as buzzwords in meetings and in blogs in the coming months. That’s why intuitive design is one of the biggest web technologies to watch in the coming months or years.

Building mobile first sites that look and work great on mobile is one of the biggest web technologies to watch this year. So is Google Material as intuitive design, creating engaging and natural user experiences. Content Management Systems are also become nearly standard in today’s web world so it is important you have an understanding of them. Remember, web technology is always shifting so even by the time this blog is finished being written, there are likely changes in web technologies. Remember whether you are a designer, web developer, project manager, or nearly any job these days; the success of your business likely hinges on your website so it is important that you are following the latest trends.