In reading or hearing about particular sweeping changes expected to hit the world within the next few years, you could feel as though you are practically living in a sci-fi film. Will it really be soon that surgeons are implanting chips in our brains and high-speed rail links opposite sides of the world?

We can expect similarly futuristic – or, at least, what we used to deem futuristic – effects to take place in call centres. Whether you simply come into contact with a call centre for routine purposes or your business relies on one, you could notice the following changes in 2019…

1. Becoming more formidable in self-service

These days, Millennials are accustomed to quickly receive data on request. There don’t need to be any humans or even any websites directly involved in sourcing the data. Fetching crucial information can be simply a matter of barking a vocal order at a virtual assistant like Apple’s Siri.

With Millennials increasingly taking over roles long occupied by now retiring baby boomers, call centres will have to step up their game to meet Millennials’ expectations for quick information. To that end, call centres will need to invest in rapidly expanding their self-service options.

Some ideas suggested by MyCustomer include expanding Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions and community-based tech support. However, if you run a call centre, you also shouldn’t underestimate how much a SIP solution could help you to control your inbound calls.

2. Having the information to redirect calls more quickly

Many people who have phoned call centres to receive customer service can probably relate to how frustratingly cumbersome the whole experience can feel. However, digitisation promises to smooth many of the creases in the call centre experience.

This is because, when using an inbound call management solution from a telecoms provider like the UK-based Gamma, a call centre can better understand who is calling and why. With this information at hand, the centre can automatically redirect that call to ensure it reaches the right person.

Naturally, this has implications for how quickly callers’ issues can be resolved. This change could also help to close the gap between staff who pick up the calls and other employees of the business. This can bode well for the staff’s spirit and morale in the long term.

3. Feeding customer requests through multiple channels

Perhaps another notable change with call centres during 2019 is that, well… they could feel less and less like “call” centres. We might need to elaborate on this point…

Whereas, two decades ago, customers were limited to phone as a medium for getting in touch with customer support, they now have many more modes of communication at their fingertips. These people can – to list a few examples – text, email or send a message through social media.

For this reason, many call centres might bulk out their offerings to effectively resemble contact centres rather than merely phone-based organisations. Gamma offers various solutions which businesses can use to afford their customers an impressive degree of choice