Lets face it, many people are searching for more ways to make money. If you’re not looking to make money, then I’m sure you will not say no to money that might stream in to your bank account with very little effort.

Money makes the world go around. This is the draw of many money making marketing strategies. They rely on your need for the stuff. There are many ways to make money online, but I am going to share with you the easiest way.

  1.  Write an e-Book

e-Books sell well. e-Books are relatively easy to create. You don’t need a publishing house. You don’t even need e-book software like Adobe Acrobat. MS Word can write to PDF with free downloaded drivers.

Remember to optimise your post for SEO. Don’t drown your post with your keywords of easy money online, but make it juicy enough that both Google and humans would want to take a look.

The e-book title should have something about making money online. Then write a few pages on how easy it is to make money online. You could perhaps even duplicate this method in your e-book.

  1.  Write a blog post

Then write a blog post marketing your new e-book. Keep in mind to have the keywords, easy money online somewhere in your post title.

Don’t give away the secret but make it exciting enough that people will be interested.

Market your e-book for cheap. You don’t want to scare people off, but not free. Lets say you price it around $9.99.

What you could probably also do is do some article marketing. Publish a few articles similar to your blog post. The main idea is to market your new e-book.

  1.  Market with social media

Social media is a very strong tool. There are many desperate people who lurk around the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc.

Take a few days to actively market your e-book. Market and mention your blog post and articles as well. Using the prized keywords of easy money online, create some awareness.

But don’t be too pushy. You don’t want to sound like a desperate salesman.

What about the ethics?

You might be asking, so why have I not done this already if it is so easy. Well the truth of the matter, is it is about ethics really.

To me this is nothing but a chain letter type of scam. There is no real product to sell. It relies on the desperate needs of others to make extra cash.

I mean all I’m doing is getting you to buy an e-book which tells you to do the same. Create an e-book about making money online, and con people into buying it. They in turn do the same thing. Do you see the chain letter similarities.

Maybe I’m old school. But I like to have my clients feel good about what they buy from me. A great percentage of them will feel cheated. Some will think it a great idea. But for some reason I would like everyone to think it a great idea.

The question is, is it ethical. I mean, should we really do anything to make money online at the expense of others.

Do we have no moral values. Is the biblical phrase of “The love of money is the root of evil” true?

Your thoughts

So what are your thoughts? Should we care how we treat our potential client? Should we worry about whether we are selling a real product or not?

Perhaps you think it all legit. After all, money is money. It’s a business. Do you think that this kind of thing is valid and we should not have a conscience when taking other peoples money when they buy into this type of thing?

Your thoughts?