Recently I have carried a few posts about bring your own device (BYOD) and bring your own cloud (BYOC) from Gartner and my own particular take on what what seems to be a growing phenomenon. For the small to medium sized business owners there is a tremendous amount of plus points to look at if they are looking at going cloudside.

When a SMB looks at implementing new technologies into the work place there are a number of aspects that can cause problems – financial implications, staff acceptance and technical knowledge being just three. BYOC Can help smooth you through the transition. Here’s how.

  1.  BYOD Solves Finance

Once of the key benefits of cloud computing is that it offers the ability for remote working but the downside of that BYOD enables you to appear to be benevolent employer and offer staff the opportunity to link to your chosen cloud service provider using their own preferred device. Oh, and did I mention you would not be saddled with the expense of paying for portable devices so staff could work flexibily!

  1.  BYOD Solves Staff Acceptance
  • Employees are more attracted to firms that allow staff to bring their own device (BYOD), according to research by cloud computing specialist Nasstar
  • Nasstar questioned 300 of its SMB customers to find out what boosts staff morale and attracts people to a new company
  • According to the findings, three quarters of respondents said that allowing staff to use their own smartphone, laptop or tablet in the workplace would position their firm as a “flexible and attractive” employer
  • In addition, 64 per cent of SMB chiefs already allow staff to use their own devices, with 64 per cent saying they had written policies in place for staff wishing to do so.
  1.  BYOD Solves Technical Knowledge

Given that there’s a slight possibility that The Boss may be a genius at running his business there’s nothing to say he is a technical whizzkid, too so might be overawed by the challenges of integrating portable computing into his cloud infrastructure. Step forward the smartphone and tablet owner!

By the very fact they own a device smartphone and tablet owners will be pretty much clued up on how they work with the multitude of cloud based services from Google Drive and Dropbox to the more complex and sophisticated packages such as SugarSync and Box. Offer them the chance to BYOD and the odds are they will bite your hand off for the opportunity.