Once upon a time, email was the new kid on the block, something that owners of businesses large and small latched onto as a method of marketing their product to an audience that wanted to hear about it. Technology moves ruthlessly onward, however, and emails seem practically quaint these days when compared to relatively novel marketing platforms like social media or business apps. 

Emails might not be the new kids on the marketing block anymore, but the business that ignores them is missing out on a prime opportunity to take advantage of the unique impact they can still make when done properly. It’s easy to latch onto the new thing, but, in the case of email marketing, a tried and true technique can still be the way to go.

When undertaking your email marketing efforts, don’t forget about the import of email validation for you subscriber lists; the professional expertise demonstrated by Email Ready will reassure you in this department. Once you’ve got that squared away, consider these reasons why email marketing is as effective as it ever was and, in many ways, more impactful than some of the newer marketing tools.

1. Depth Of Message

When you’re marketing your business with social media, there’s only much information you can put across in a quick post or blurb. At best, you can hope that someone clicks on a link in the post that includes more details. With an email, however, you have the opportunity to set up your message and deliver it without having to condense everything down to bite-sized blurbs that might not do your business justice. You also have the time to describe why what you’re offering is so important to the person to whom you’re pitching. Which brings us to the next point…

2. Engaging Your Clients

When someone clicks on a social media link, they’re perhaps interested in what you’re offering, or perhaps just doing so out of curiosity. Someone who has signed up to be on an email list is giving you the permission to pitch them. In doing so, you can engage them in a way that social media doesn’t really allow. And sometimes it helps that you’re the one doing the wooing. Potential clients and customers have their egos stroked a bit when someone reaches out to them, and that can make a difference in their wanting to buy what you’re selling.

3. Integration Potential

While most of this article has given you reasons why e-mail marketing might at times be preferable to social media, the truth is that they both have their place in a marketing campaign. And when you can get them to play off each other, you’re really maximising the potential for your pitch. That’s why your e-mail pitches should include some reference or link to your social media efforts, pulling everything under one umbrella so the client can get the full breadth or your marketing appeal.

So don’t throw email marketing into the figurative junk folder just yet. Use it as a major part of your marketing efforts and you won’t be disappointed.