Customers go to Twitter every day to engage with the products and companies they love. Putting your business on Twitter is the easy part. But maintaining its brand and presence will take a lot of time, passion and effort. Creating authentic content that resonates with customers is key.

But with the right mix of genuine engagement and well-written, thoughtful content, your business will grow and you could gain new business from right behind the keyboard! Short and sweet. Prompt and timely. Hashtags and trends. Just like the tagline says, join the conversation. You’ll get the hang of it!

  1.  Twitter Is Live, 24-Hours A Day

This is an opportunity to connect with people all of the time. This also means that you need to be prepared to be able to answer questions and deal with possible customer-related issues. And you need to deal with it in an extremely timely manner. Twitter can be a bit of a double-edged sword in that its users get used to immediate satisfaction. A lot of companies find it beneficial to hire someone to help manage their social media so that there isn’t a lag between communications.

Twitter will enhance your overall Web presence because it ranks very highly in organic searches in Google. In basic terms, your business will be found in more online searches. This is a tremendous way to connect with your target audience. Currently, there are approximately 115 million active Twitters users every month throughout the world, and more than 40 million of those users are in the United States. Those are millions of possible customers. Creating a loyal following on Twitter can attract a lot of potential business.

  1.  Tremendous Opportunity To Engage

This is your chance to create relationships with potential customers. As long as you post useful, relevant information on a daily, regular basis, you will create a loyal following. It is a genuine, easy way to drive word-of-mouth communication about your business – for free! Creating credibility will take time, but if you continue to put a genuine face on your business, it will pay off.

Autotweets and duplicate messages will not suffice. Posting daily or weekly deals and incentives, links to relevant information and solutions will endear your business to customers. When customers are pleased with something about your business, they may comment positively about it to their followers. And that is how you will create new business!

This is also an enormous chance for you to listen to your customers. The value of this is immeasurable. Regularly engaging and listening to them will help you create a more efficient experience for them. Remember to take it slow and join in conversations. Every tweet is a chance to build a relationship, solve a problem, and share in the positivity.

This is also an opportunity to see and learn what your competitors are posting and what others in the industry are doing. You can also see what others are saying about your business. You can say it – it’s like spying! Being able to see what others are talking about in your space is a chance to improve your own practices. You may also gather inspiration and ideas to carry over to your community.

  1.  People Like To Reach A Company Quickly

Twitter can create some great customer service stories. People like being able to interact with a company quickly to resolve an issue. Or maybe they just want to tell you how much they like your product. Either way, a lot of people don’t have time to place a phone call or to send an email to reach someone about an issue.

Most people are on the go and need to be able to post something quickly and succinctly about a problem or to ask a question. This is an excellent opportunity to show existing customers how much you care about their business. It also has great potential for new customers to see how quickly or easily you are able to resolve a conflict. Most importantly, it will show both existing and new customers how you respond to and handle both the positive and negative sides of business.

Do you have a Twitter account for your small business? Has Twitter changed your business practices? Do you have a success story you would like to share? I would love to hear from you!