It is true that tech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Globally, its cumulative worth expected to swell to $3 trillion, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This has motivated many young professionals to pursue training in tech programs, and indeed, the chances of landing a job with these skills is good. There are certain principles that every jobs seeker in the tech market should know, though, before they start sending out resumes. Looking for employment in tech can still be a challenge if you are not prepared for what you will encounter.

Consider the following three things as you enter the tech job market and start looking for employment. Preparation is your best asset, and when you know what to expect, you have a major advantage over other candidates. Read on for more information on what you should know if you are looking for a job in any part of the tech sector.

1. Your skills matter the most

Pursuing a degree or a formal certificate is a great way to dive right into a tech discipline if you have no prior experience in the field. There are a plethora of educational programs dedicated to providing students with the training and coursework necessary to master the concepts of various tech disciplines. Some tech degrees are known to be wise investments, though, while others may be less useful than hands-on experience in the field. In tech, recruiters will often look at skills and experience more than degrees and certifications. Though all of these qualifications matter focus on honing skills.

2. Recruiters are overwhelmed

It is an unfortunate truth that the average tech recruiter likely looks at dozens of resumes and applications in a given day, and if yours does not immediately stand out, you may be immediately forgotten. Recruiters are always looking for ways to save time sourcing and weed out unqualified candidates so they can invest in the most promising applicants. You can make this easy for them by highlighting your skills, experience and education in both your cover letter and your resume. When you showcase your qualifications, you help HR save time sourcing, and you make yourself a more attractive candidate.

3. You need to prove yourself

Many candidates are unprepared to follow through on the skills they boast on a resume and demonstrate them for potential employers. It is increasingly common, however, for companies to ask that candidates complete tests or demonstrations as part of the hiring process. This verifies that you possess the skill set you claim you do, and it also shows employers that you can perform under pressure when it is necessary. Be prepared to prove yourself and your skills in order to demonstrate your qualifications. This is an opportunity to shine and show recruiters what makes you the best candidate.

Looking for a job in the tech sector can be overwhelming, but it is a great industry with exponential promise of growth. When you know what to expect, you can establish yourself as a standout candidate and get the job that allows you to put your skills to use.