So you’ve got yourself on Twitter. You are communicating two-way with customers and potential customers and seeing some benefit, but are you making the most of Twitter?

Here’s three tools you should be using for maximum effectiveness:


There are lots of options when it comes to software that makes using Twitter easier and more efficient. If you have a smartphone you no doubt have one of the hundreds of Twitter apps that have led the drive forward in the app market in recent years. But using your phone is not always easy or allowed in a work environment plus with the mobile phone companies becoming tighter on data usage, sometimes a smartphone app is not the most convenient.

If you are logged in at a desktop or laptop there are plenty of desktop applications around that you can use like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, but in an environment where you don’t want to download additional software or aren’t able to, the latter offers a great web-based app alternative. Of course, you could just login to the Twitter main page, but Hootsuite offers a full range of features to monitor trends, organise more than one account, and also manage other social media accounts too.


Even if you are using your Twitter account purely for business, you will probably have one or two people you follow just for the sheer interest value too. Be they celebrities or perhaps speakers in your field. If you are looking for new people to follow Listorious has plenty of ideas. It promotes itself as the place to find and interview the experts using the medium of Twitter to put you in touch. You can find your expert and then ask your question of them via the Listorious system meaning they are more likely to respond, plus the system then stores questions and answers up and arranges them like a magazine article.


Want to keep up to date with what the buzz is in your industry? Addict-o-matic is an aggregator of various social media sites and tools. It looks like a search engine – type your search term in the top box and click create. Addict-o-matic will then create a personalised page for you with feeds from twitter, blogs, news sites, Flickr, Youtube, etc and all customisable. You can then follow trends in your business sector or even what people are saying about your business.

Nothing earth-shattering but tools that really can improve the way you use and the way you benefit from your Twitter presence. Give them a try.