Announce a customer service training day to your employees and you’re sure to set off a chain reaction of heavy sighs. Previously, poor training rested on clichés that no longer apply to the modern world. Firstly, the customer isn’t always right. In fact, they probably never were. But a growing reliance on technology means that nowadays it’s normally only the experts who can provide answers.

Secondly, as with everything in life, the way we conduct business has totally altered along with continuous technological advances. For example, online shopping means you might never actually meet your customers face-to-face.

To provide quality customer service in an increasingly tech-reliant world, we need to adopt modern practises and approaches. Instead of filling your employees’ heads with outdated advice and cheesy inspirational quotes, you should be considering investing in tech-based solutions. I’ve highlighted three of the biggest recent developments that could revolutionise your business and boost sales.

1. Feedback Software

Engaging with your customers is key, but it doesn’t just mean tweeting witty responses or creating viral Facebook statuses. There are a number of services that’ll improve your relationship with clients, but feedback software is one of the highlights. Identifying problem areas is key to developing a healthy and successful business. Whilst we all agree that the customer doesn’t always know best, their honest opinions could provide a helpful perspective on the problems and successes of your business. But hearing your customers’ thoughts unfiltered is difficult – after all, you can’t read their minds. However, Questback is a cutting-edge web application that allows you to receive invaluable feedback directly from customers, using a variety of integrated methods like mobile-ready surveys.

2. Securing Data & Information

With an increasing reliance on technology, there comes a whole host of modern security threats we’re still getting to grips with. If there’s one thing your customers are aware of, it’s that their data and private information is increasingly at risk from hacking and theft. Horror stories about stolen identities and bank accounts being drained from halfway across the world have filled headlines in recent years, and people are scared. Contactless chip cards and cloud computing might be helpful advancements, but they’re also the focus of paranoia and fear. You have a legal responsibility to safely store any sensitive data relating to customers. Protect it by keeping your IT system firewall up-to-date, and regularly evaluating your data security policy.

3. Mobile Apps

Mobile applications were the cool thing to do a few years ago, but for businesses they didn’t have the biggest practical benefits. According to a survey by FollowAnalytics, today 38 per cent of businesses develop apps in order to improve customer service. Whilst many apps used to be little more than an extended catalogue, good ones now tend to incorporate more user-friendly elements for customers. From providing them with instant access to their accounts, live support and location-based services, the possibilities are limitless. Consumers want to be able to interact with your company and service on their own terms – convenience is king after all – and a fully integrated and up-to-date app allows them to do exactly that.

Keeping your approach to customer service tech-savvy is crucial to building a modern brand identity for your business. Investing in these three areas is a great way to get started on the right path.