As the old adage goes, great minds think alike. So when you bring your organisation’s great minds together, you stand a greater chance at success. For many companies, however, it can be a struggle to both find and bring the “great minds” together. Organisations with distributed workforces, unrecognised talent, and compartmentalised teams often face obstacles on their path to better decision-making.

There is a solution. Enterprise social software can help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from making good decisions. Here are 3 ways an enterprise social network can improve your company’s decision-making process.

  1.  Speed Up Your Decision-Making Process

For some organisations, taking too long to make decisions results in lost opportunity. In today’s economy for businesses to succeed, they need to be agile and be able to change direction and respond to new opportunities quickly.

With an enterprise social network, your employees can arrive at decisions faster by working together in a virtual workplace. You can track real-time discussions by topic or participant, so that you have all the decision-making information you need, in one place. And if you need more input, it’s easy to create a new conversation, workgroup, or project on the fly and bring in people whose input you need to move important matters forward.

With everyone connecting and collaborating on your social network, you can make decisions faster. Just ask and get the immediate feedback you need. There’s never a need to track anyone down, because everyone is right there.

  1.  Turn Bad Choices Into Good Ones

Your company can suffer serious consequences when bad decisions are made such as lost revenue, unplanned expenditures, missed opportunities, and even legal ramifications.

Most bad decisions result from a lack of expert advice and insufficient access to critical resources. With a collaborative workspace, conversations can occur between employees or groups that help your organisation make better quality decisions.

With an enterprise social network, you can connect with immediate colleagues or even your entire organisation for feedback – anytime and anywhere. You can also reach out to your consultants, suppliers, and even customers by creating external communities to get their help too.

Let’s say you’re considering purchasing a new CRM application. You can use your partner network to get their input and suggestions. Creating an environment where this kind of open exchange occurs, can help you make better, more informed decisions across the board.

You can also use an enterprise social network to locate subject matter experts in your company. Need advice from a business analyst? Perform a simple search and connect with the right person in an instant.

  1.  Even Make Decisions You Didn’t Know You Could Make

Companies can miss decision-making opportunities if they’re not aware of them. Enterprise social software let’s you track different topics and stay on top of important issues as they arise – inside and outside of your organization.

You can quickly create new discussions with your colleagues to act on important news or updates, and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Need to keep track of competitive information? Create a group and invite your coworkers to join. Together, you can track the latest developments and propose strategies on how to stay ahead of your competitors.

Be Your Own Virtual Think-Tank

So much of your organisation’s success depends on how quickly and efficiently decisions are made. With an enterprise social network, you bring together the collective expertise from your most trusted internal and external communities—giving you the confidence you need to make the right decisions, anytime.