Most companies use their chatbot for reception-type uses, perhaps customer support and some sales or marketing, but they can be used for a lot more. Take inspiration from these examples to see how your business can benefit from the technology. 

1. Market research

Chatbots are ideal for asking questions and people are increasingly accepting and happy to answer them. So, among the flow of a conversation, smart businesses can either overtly or more subtly make some enquiries that can provide a little more data for the company to work with. if you want to get feedback from millions of people, a chatbot is more efficient than manual surveying techniques. Powering such endeavours, Snatchot’s flexible cloud platform makes an ideal way to engage massive audiences.

Given the grotesque looking surveys on many news and other sites, making use of some gentle probing is a less intrusive way of getting detail. In America, the new Valassis Digital car buying bot provides all the information dealers need to offer someone the right car for them, plus credit history and plenty more information, all valuable data for any business linked to that project.

2. Lead generation

Not all chatbot users are customers, but with a few tweaks, any chatbot can be turned into a lead generation machine for your business. As people become focused on their mobile device and social media, less users are going to websites or finding your business organically.

Instead, they are more likely to come across a chatbot on Messenger, with messaging platforms having billions of conversations per month. Chatbots can be fine-tuned to become a landing page, with the user entering the information a business need as part of a conversation, rather than being faced with the usual sign-up page. Chatbots can also send people to the right web page or service, as part of the conversation, providing new or useful information that people will be keen to hear more about, therefore more keen to sign up at some point.

Whatever your business, and your plans for a chatbot, you can build a bot now, for free, using a service like Snatchbot. It offers a deploy-anywhere model, using a no-coding-skills-needed builder tool with templates and many existing examples as a way to start working. Any company big or small can build and deploy a chatbot using AI technology for free or with feature support.

3. Pump up the user volume

Even a small business can generate millions of users or enquiries, and chatbots are the leading tool to help deal with high volumes of customer queries. Hotels, airlines and banks are already becoming reliant on bots in this area.

Even if your business doesn’t have quite the volume, one hit product or a good piece of PR can leave the business drowning in requests. Having a bot deal with customer service frees up office staff to deal with the important issues, and to perform their key tasks.

Whatever your business plans, if it involves the likelihood of running into a great many queries, then a chatbot is a key tool for handling that level of feedback. The bot can help represent the company with personality, and is far more welcome than a sign-up page or being left on hold on the phone.

4. Internal training & processes

Growing businesses need to teach new staff their processes and rules faster than ever, especially in high-growth areas. Bots can help in this respect as both trainers and mentors. They can provide the basic HR resources without bothering the team, explaining who and where essential knowledge resides within the company, along with basic form filling tasks like holiday and verification tools.

While most companies use bots in a client-facing role, using them for your own purposes helps the company become more confident in using chatbot tools and services, and can provide more inspiration across the business to leverage them for new tasks, revenue generation or improved customer service. Whatever the internal bot’s role, it can have a far bigger impact for your business, especially as bots become an essential tool for any organisation.

Whatever your business, market or vertical, bots are playing an increasingly important role, see these articles for specific details.