The digital shift of customer service has been finalized in 2018. Along with it, the importance of customer experience online is now more important than ever. All companies that are looking to provide amazing customer experience to stay relevant have adopted various digital solutions.

These include technologies such as AI, automation, and data gathering to enable their customers to get what they need fast and easy. When these digital technologies are followed by expertise and proper engagement strategies, companies are able use their full potential and create amazing customer experiences. In 2018 it’s all about customer experience and it’s no longer “just a buzzword” – it has great impact on the success of companies.

1. Chatbots

So far during 2018, the most successful formula for quality customer service is to use automatized and AI enabled chatbot solutions. They are able to deliver an optimized customer experience while adding humans into conversations at the right moments to deliver the best possible service. Implementing chatbots gives employees the option to focus their work on more essential, creative, and complex tasks rather than doing repetitive ones every day.

Chatbots can give simple answers to customers from their enormous databases of FAQs and gather valuable data on customers and their inquiries. However, they also inspire customers with the unique experiences they provide through recommendations, one-on-one conversations, and interesting interactions.

The key is to build the best chatbot platform and today everyone can do this. There are various free chatbot-building sites like, where users can build bots without any coding knowledge. As Henri Ben Ezra, the CEO of SnatchBot, says: “The more specialized a bot is and the more it’s designed for specific business needs, the better the experience it provides.”

2. CRM systems

Customer relationship management systems are solutions designed for organizations that want to focus on their customers. The first thing that CRM allows any business to do is to get a 360 degree view of all its customers. Additionally, it’s a great system that allows a business to gather customer information through all channels.

This way, an organization can never miss any important customer information and fail to store it. It’s impossible to create good CX without ongoing communication. The CRM gives you the ability to personalize and automate messages sent to customers based on the information gathered about them. Since CRM systems can monitor and store information from all contact channels, it allows companies to listen to their customers in a more meaningful way. By learning about their preferences, interests, likes and dislikes, you can build a richer database that can be used for creating a great CX. At the same time, it allows you to create personalized relationships with all customers.

3. Live chat tools

Live chat tools are one of the most popular customer support channels. Customers prefer live chat to all other contact channels, as it’s a convenient, quick, and simple way to get in touch with a business and get important information. Live chat is especially popular with ecommerce stores where companies can give valuable answers about their products to customers in real time. However, other industries are not falling behind with live chat. By 2022 it’s expected that over 80% of companies worldwide will implement live chat solutions. One of the most important things for great CX is to help customers as quickly as possible, and this is what live chat allows you to do.

Live chat can also be integrated with chatbots and a CRM solution to improve the level of personalization. Live chat agents will have all the important information about a customer before they start communication and be able to offer them better help. Live chat is one of the few options where companies can treat their customers as of they entered the store in real life.

4. Customer journey mapping tools

Customer journey mapping is not something new but with the shift to mobile devices, it has become importance once again, probably more than ever. This is because customers and brands are connecting and communicating in many different ways, through different devices and contact channels. Today customers are no longer within the “traditional” purchase funnel, as multiple touchpoints have led to a more complex process.

The path to conversion is not linear and companies need to take into account the whole customer journey, regardless of whether we are talking about the digital or the physical aspect. With a customer journey mapping tool, companies can understand the essentials of a journey that include apps, games, push notifications, beacons, content etc. By shaping the customer journey properly, businesses are able to learn how their clients interact with them, which areas of their service need improving, and what technologies they can adapt to improve CX.

Quality CX is one of the essential aspects of modern business. It can help you stay competitive and retain customers for a long time. Make sure that you work on it and adopt one or more of the technologies mentioned above to make this task easier.