With about 250 million users, Google+ may not exactly be the kingpin of social media networks. Facebook and Twitter lead the charts, but when it is a matter of projecting your online business to a crowded audience, all options must be explored. In this case, Google+ is an avenue whose full potential is yet to be tapped.

Owning an online business has it challenges as it does its perks. For any business to succeed, payday loans alone won’t do in terms of funding. An effective marketing strategy that brings in more returns in sales has to be put in place. Here are a few features about Google+ that make it a good addition in the direction of booming online sales:

1. Key Links

Content sells, but only when it has been seen by your target audience. The advantage that Google+ has over Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is that it’s Google’s own product. This increases the search optimisation results for links that are posted on Google+. The increase in visibility ultimately increases the rate of clicks on your links and therefore your sales. The best positions to place your business link would be above the follow button. It could also be on the about tab or in the introduction of the personal profile. For a local business attach the most important links in your Contact Information box.

2. Google+ Business Pages

Facebook pages have been famous for a long time but they are limited such that they restrict the owner on the comments they can make. On the other hand, it is the open every day for folks on Google+ business pages. A Google+ page would serve in growing an audience for your products if well managed. What matters most is that relevant and high-quality information about the business is posted regularly on the page. This information should include business details, hours of operation and directions to the physical office(s) or stores. Another pro is that adding a Google map and local listings to the page make it easy for local people to access the business.

3. Google+ Communities

This is one of the most under-used features of Google+ yet it makes for some of the most productive means. Any registered user of the network is free to join an existing community they are interested in or create their own from scratch. An online business owner who is keen on improving his/her sales will participate in relevant conversations and engage the industry, his potential clients or future partners while at it. You may use your personal profile account or your official business page to create a community.

4. Google+ Collections

As the name suggests, Google + collections is a feature that enables a user to collect posts on a particular subject/topic. Using Google+ collections your followers are directly pinpointed to what they want to see. For instance, a freelance photographer would have collections that fall into categories such wildlife, fashion, events or wedding photography. This saves the audience the trouble of searching for details in a haystack since all they need to do is click on the collection they’re interested in.