As a business owner yourself, you’ll probably realise the importance of keeping your employees happy and the impact it has on the daily running of your company. Happy and positive staff that are content within their job role are more likely to stay working for your company and without them, you will struggle to complete their duties on your own. Not only will positive employees help to produce a higher quality of work and more efficient office, but they’ll also contribute to increasing productivity which can benefit the entire organisation.

Here are some tips how to ensure that your employees are happy, and how you can increase the chances of excellent members of staff wanting to work for you in the long-term:

1. Offer Flexible Working Patterns

With many of your employees likely to have their own busy lifestyle, offering flexible working patterns can help your staff to feel like their job can fit around their schedule and give them a good work-life balance. Whether they’d like to start their day an hour before usual time to catch an earlier train or get in work 30 minutes later to drop their children off at school, offering flexible working hours will give your staff greater levels of job satisfaction. With 80% of employees expressing that they’d like their employer to offer flexible hours, it’s a great way to retain your staff and maintain their happiness within their role.

2. Set Realistic Goals For Your Staff

Along with offering flexible working, setting realistic goals is also a proven way to increase job satisfaction for your employees. You can do this by setting goals that are both achievable and realistic, such as making a certain number of sales or completing a training course. Allow your employee time to complete the goal and ask them to notify you when it has been complete, then give them plenty of praise. Not only will providing your staff with positive praise when they meet their goals provide them with more confidence in their work, but they’ll also contribute to increasing productivity and feel more motivated to do their job if they are assured that they’re doing well.

3. Create Opportunities For Open Discussion

Often in the workplace, managers request that their staff discuss issues and ideas in meetings with the relevant people. However, this can form what feels like a barrier between yourself and your staff, leading them to assume that you may only discuss matters with a pre-booked appointment. Having an open-door policy on your office can help to motivate staff to impress you outside of the meeting room. If they have a great idea for a new way your business can make sales, encourage them to tell you and don’t feel the need to pencil in a formal meeting. Not only can this type of open discussion help your staff to feel more relaxed, but it provides you as the employer with more opportunity to get to know what your employees are thinking. This can also help maintain their happiness going forwards.

4. Offer Financial Rewards

Although offering financial rewards and incentives to your staff has an additional cost to your business, the impact it has on employee satisfaction is often worth it. Whether it is allowing your staff to purchase stocks in your business or simply just a cash bonus for employees who have been with you for a certain period of time, giving your staff an extra incentive can help them to feel valued and worthwhile in your company.

With so many different techniques on how to raise staff morale and keep your employees happy, it’s now up to you to implement them and see the positive impact it has on your business.