The AI era is already here, but many companies see the headlines and assume the rise of intelligent computing is something that only big corporations like Google and IBM are toying with. However, any business can make use of AI technologies thanks to cloud services, to help improve their operations, recruiting, security and even customer services. Is your business ready to take advantage of AI? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all over the news, from this week’s article in Fortune as part of a special report. Among other areas, it focuses on how “China’s two tech titans are battling for supremacy” to endless others espousing the technology’s possibilities. Yet, as shown by recent layoffs at IBM Watson, Ai isn’t simple to build.

Yet while the major press focuses on big brands and tech giants, the reality is, any business can deploy and make use of AI, helping their business work smarter, save time and help with a future product or service plans. AI is present everywhere, from smart cars to online fraud detection, spotting fake news, making consumer or market predictions and in virtual assistants. We take a look at several AI services you can use today.

1. Peltarion, the AI service builder

The deal with AI is that in reality, it is just another service, something a company can use like cloud office suites, email or something like Amazon Web Services. Take away the magic words and mystic aura, and AI is merely hardware running software. Peltarion is one of the first companies offering the service to anyone.

Sure, it has major companies name-checked on its homepage like NASA and BMW, but any business can sign up (currently through early access) to use AI-as-a-service. They can help your business build AI applications through WordPress style templating and a graphical interface to build services that link to your business data and provide new insights.

As the company puts it, “AI will enable businesses and organisations to provide context and understanding for what can seem like random connections. AI allows for the cross-pollination of businesses and processes across industries. It creates new, faster, better, more efficient ways of what we are already doing and finds new ways to solve real-world problems.”

2. Cyberlytic, AI security

Lots of antivirus and anti-spyware vendors are bolting AI into their products to keep up with the crowd. But Cyberlytic was built from the ground up around AI, and every business needs the best protection for its IT and data.

A cybersecurity provider to the likes of Britain’s GCHQ spy agency, it uses a tool called The Profiler, an advanced web application security service to detect and prioritise web attacks. The Profiler protects against common cyber attacks, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks, which devastated Equifax in 2017.

It also detects anomalies in web traffic and determines the risk of each attack in real-time. Using self-learning algorithms, it means security teams can leave the Profiler unattended, knowing it will trigger when a significant threat is detected. The Profiler’s intuitive interface and reporting features have been designed to minimise user interaction, whilst providing unrivalled visibility of malicious activity targeted protected websites.

3. SnatchBot, the AI chatbot

Chatbots are one of the standout uses for AI, helping bring business and customers together through a natural language interface. Often found on Facebook Messenger or in the corner of a home page, chatbots can deal with customer queries, make bookings and find out information they need.

Popular among banks and airlines that deal with millions of customers, chatbots help any sized business or resource-constrained startups deal with customer queries in a more organised manner. SnatchBot lets any business build a bot through a simple design tool and offers natural language processing to help the bot understand what the customer is asking.

This provides a smart level of customer interaction rather than they dead-eyed transactions most people are used to. From customer service agents to concierge services, SnatchBot is powering bots large and small, from scripted bots for simple interactions to smarter tools to help businesses build better relationships with customers.

4. Mya, AI for hiring

Perhaps you don’t have the budget for full-time human resources people, are swamped by resumes or you’re not confident in your interviewing skills. AI is taking up a lot of the slack when it comes to recruiting, helping weed out unlikely candidates and find people suitable for your business or office environment.

American company Mya offers a recruiting tool that uses AI, natural language understanding and a deep knowledge base to find the right talent. It talks to prospective candidates via SMS, asking a series of questions to remove the unqualified, overqualified and so on. They can also ask Mya questions about the role or business. Mya will promote the right candidates to the next level and asking more questions to generate a scorecard that the recruiter can use to rate candidates, and to ask further questions during the interview.

These are just some leading examples of AI tools in action, and many more will come to help change all areas of business as services and data get smarter