Thanks to The Royal Family, this year and next we are lucky enough to have an extra bank holiday to enjoy (The Royal Wedding and The Diamond Jubilee). However, while some websites will benefit from the seasonal peak of last minute holiday shopping, others may experience a serious hosting headache if their website can’t cope with the influx of additional visits.

Below I’ve listed the top hosting headaches and their remedies:

  1.  Customers can’t access my website because the connection can’t cope!

Make sure that you are using a hosting solution that lets your servers internet connection burst to 100MB/s. Increasing the bandwidth will mean that your website will be as responsive as ever, even with an increase in demand.

  1.  I don’t have enough memory or storage for the demand coming in and can’t wait for an additional server!

If you don’t have time to wait for a physical server to be ordered, delivered and data migrated then consider a virtual solution where you can add a server and see it working in hours not days – think scalability.

  1.  Customers are at the checkout stage and my website goes down!

Will customers come back when your site is back up or have you lost their purchase? Make sure you have a hosting package with a failover solution in place, meaning if one piece of hardware goes down then the backup hardware kicks-in to ensure there is no lack of service. A virtual hosting solution will provide an industry leading SLA for up-time at a low cost, providing a seamless experience for the user.

  1.  My site went down on Good Friday but I didn’t find out until Tuesday!

If you went away for the Easter holidays but your website went down just as your plane left the tarmac, how would you know? An actively managed service informs you immediately by text, call or email that your site is experiencing problems and advises you on a solution so you can enjoy your break and not lose sleep worrying about your website.

Whether you’re working from home, enjoying the additional day off or jetting away on holiday, however you spend the break, make sure you don’t return to work with a hosting hangover.