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The Cost Of RSA Tokens

If you’d like to add security to your system, you might ask, “What is the cost of RSA tokens?”.

The RSA SecurID token makes use of public-key encryption and authentication using two factors to safeguard data and resources. SecureID is an authentication system designed by RSA security technologies and uses a factoring algorithm to handle massive numbers. But how much do they cost?

Single users can purchase RSA SecurID Tokens for $27.99.

However, this price may vary. The RSA token has a wide range of use cases and applications.

The purpose of the RSA token is to provide employees with access to a company’s network.

Furthermore, RSA tokens provide security for desktop architectures, defending web portals and securing servers.

This article will provide more information on the cost of RSA tokens and what they are used for.

What is the RSA SecurID Software Token & Its Uses?

RSA SecurID tokens provide two-factor authentication and public-key encryption for protecting resources. RSA security technologies developed SecureID, which handles vast numbers by factoring. 

Several well-known companies use RSA tokens to ensure additional security. For example, PokerStars provides its consumers with RSA tokens to safeguard their account information.

NASA also provides RSA servers and computing resources with two-factor authentication. As technology advances, end-user needs have evolved, and so have RSA’s range of authentication solutions. 

The RSA SecurID software token, released in 2002, offers convenience and cost-effectiveness that operates similarly to the essential fob style token. 

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Because of its design, the RSA cryptographic algorithm prevents brute force attacks by using prime factorization. The encryption is difficult to crack, protecting the security system from direct attack. Encrypting necessary data is common, especially when it passes through the internet.

What is the Cost of RSA Tokens?

RSA SecurID Tokens are available for $27.99 for single users. Price variations are possible, however. Using the RSA token in several applications and use cases is possible. Employees use the RSA token to connect to the network of the company. 

In addition, RSA tokens help secure desktop architectures, protect web pages, and encrypt servers. Individuals may also make good use of RSA regarding their finances.


After receiving or ordering the RSA token, the user registers it by entering the serial number on the back and entering a four-digit PIN. Following activation, the token connects to the program and server. 

As soon as the user logs in, they must enter their PIN and a code they generated. That is how the RSA token works. So, hopefully, now you have learned the cost of RSA tokens.

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