Everything Everywhere, the mobile network giant, has recently stated that it will bring 4G technology to the UK. While there have been some questions over whether allowing a single company to hand out 4G service is effective, there is one thing that is definite: 4G will change and benefit businesses.

On the outside, 4G seems like nothing more than faster Internet, and it is often the most commonly cited benefit of 4G. While this alone is a great benefit, it hardly deserves all the fanfare. But, it receives that fanfare because faster Internet is not the only thing that 4G delivers. It also improves security, your bottom line and allows more data to be efficiently transferred.

Peak Times

There are many that balk at 4G, saying that 3G is fast enough. For some people, 3G is enough. It is much faster than previous mobile Internet incarnations, and it really does move quickly. That is, if you aren’t experiencing peak times.

Peak time is when everyone is using mobile Internet at the same time. This forces the provider to send out more data packets, which taxes their servers. This leads to decreased Internet speeds. A big problem with 3G is that it is really affected by peak times.

However, 4G’s increased speed allows businesspeople to still surf the Internet at adequate speeds. While peak times will definitely slow down your browsing, it will not be crippling. If you are tired of the downtime that occurs from peak times, then 4G will be a blessing.

Better Security

The extra security afforded by 4G allows businesses to spend less money on security technology, and it enables them to worry less about the chance of secrets being stolen. But, how is 4G more secure?

It has nothing to do with the speed. Instead, it is more secure because of how the information is delivered. When you use a 4G phone, all of the calls are sent over a VoIP, or “Voice-over Internet Protocol,” network.

In the past, voice information would be sent through the airwaves in dedicated lines. This made is easy for hackers to hijack those lines so they could hear the conversation. With VoIP, the conversation is sent through the Internet. While no one would say that VoIP is completely safe, as hackers always find new ways to steal information, it is much safer than 3G.

The truth is that 3G did use VoIP, but only partially. This still made calls susceptible to theft. However, 4G only uses VoIP, so everything is through the Internet. Aside from dropping prices because you will need less security technology, VoIP services are commonly cheaper, especially for international calls.

More Data

Most people know that 4G is faster, but fewer people know that 4G also delivers more data than 3G can. When 3G began expanding and evolving, there were several new forms of communication that became popular. For example, videoconferencing become big because 3G enabled phones to send enough information for real-time conversations to occur over a video channel.

However, 3G had its problems. The videos often lagged, paused or just stopped transferring. This made it difficult to really have a serious conversation over videoconference, because many businesspeople were worried that the conversation would drop at any time.

Switching over to 4G alleviates that problem. But, videoconferencing isn’t the only thing that is improved from 4G. Whenever data is transferred, such as when files are sent via a mobile channel or a video is streamed online, 4G is able to more efficiently transfer the information. Businesses need data, and having that data expertly transferred is the best way to improve business performance.


On the outside, many people just think that 4G improves Internet speed. While this has its own benefits, 4G really offers much more. You get improved security because of the VoIP usage, and this can decrease prices for international calls and other services. Not only that, but it also helps with data transfers.

Considering all of the improvements that occurred from 3G, many are expecting 4G to bring a wave of its own improvements. Switching over to 4G now, before the competition does, is important. The business benefits are great, and they are only expected to get better.