To understand white hat SEO, you only need to understand an old phrase: “Wearing the white hat.” This means, essentially, someone who is honest and incorruptible, a person with integrity who leads by example.

Translating this to white hat SEO tactics, these different optimisation methods focus on organically building site rank through hard, honest work. This includes keyword searching and link building, running analysis, backlinking and writing high-quality content.

In general, white hat SEO tactics are on the up and up. They’re used by site designers who strive for longevity and who want to build a solid brand reputation going forward. But you probably already knew that, and you undoubtedly already know some general SEO strategies to use.

What about advanced SEO methods? Are there are any complex white hat tactics that one could use when building a website? Here I cover five essential SEO tips that you should use in order to build up your site rank.

  1.  Website Translation

One of the easiest ways to grow your rank and to improve your base is to cater to a much larger market. You can do this by branching out and translating your website into different languages. Only around 35% of all internet traffic is English speaking. Tapping into the other 65% is a very smart idea.

  1.  ROR Sitemaps

Sitemaps are obviously important for indexing purposes, but most sitemaps are specific to one particular search engine. An ROR sitemap, on the other hand, is readable by all search engines. Creating an ROR will allow you to be indexed by all the popular engines.

  1.  Internal Linking

“Advanced” doesn’t have to mean difficult to pull off. One of the easiest advanced SEO methods out there is to link internally to other pages on your site. This technique will allow the search engines to index many more pages of your site. However, very few sites implement this technique. They’re too worried about other sites linking back to them, when they have the power to increase their rank by linking within the same website.

  1.  Target Phrases, Not Words

Another tip that seems to be general in nature but proves to be advanced, you should always target longer keyword phrases rather than general and popular words. In a sentence, you’re talking about the difference in someone searching “real estate” and “cheap foreclosed homes in Florida.” Which do you think the home-seeking niche is searching?

  1.  Using Tags to Control Competition

You will likely be linking to other sites within your general niche, or at least to sites that may pose competition in the future. It is necessary to link to them on your site for sharing purposes, but if you add a Rel=”nofollow” tag, you can prevent their rank from climbing any higher at your expense.

These above-the-board techniques are honest and will help you to increase your brand over time. And whether it’s catering to a larger audience or more search engines, or just making sure that you’re not also promoting the competition, these advanced tips can help you out in a big way once implemented.