As research continues to produce breakthrough technologies in the medical realm, the world has witnessed some outstanding biotech inventions. Nowadays, patients can be assured of better remedies for some of the most complex ailments. There is still a long way to go before the biotech realm realises its full potential. The progress made over the years is commendable, though. The modern breakthroughs in medicine are undoubtedly the key to unlocking the opportunities that lie in the future. There are several great breakthroughs in biotech that changed the world. The following five are the most iconic.

1. Smart Pill

One of the key challenges that patients face is failing to keep track of their drug ingestion times. Smart Pill, developed by Proteus Biomedical, makes it possible to track medication use. This technology makes use of modern tech items that can be worn on the skin and help keep track of the medical use in the body. The tech is also capable of recording other kinds of data like the heart rate and can also transmit the data to a computer. This biotech breakthrough has made it possible for professionals to have better insights in the pharmaceuticals field.

2. Speech Restorer

There have not been major improvements in the area of speech restoration over years until recently. Ambient Corporation is an American corporation that invested a lot in the area of speech biotech and they came up with a speech device that would help patients who have lost speech. The device is capable of translating neural signals into audio signals. The device is installed around the neck and it uses electrodes to tap that speech signals coming from the brain. This device can work with computers or cellphones to produce the speech in audible form.

3. Microplate Readers

Microplate readers are unquestionably one of the most important biotech breakthroughs of our time. These readers are able to detect chemical, physical and even biological events in microtiter plates. The readers are thus vital for aiding in analytical research as they can be used in various clinical diagnostic testing laboratories. These readers work by detecting the light emitted in the plates. The invention of these plates has come with advantages like:

  • Improving efficiency in routine lab processes
  • Simplifying the analytical processes
  • Overall conservation of resources.

4. Portable Dialysis

So many people suffer from various kidney ailments. There are millions who have to rely on the cumbersome process of dialysis. This has however changed since the introduction of a portable dialysis by Xcorporeal. This dialysis can not only do everything that a normal dialysis can do but also do the process continuously without special appointments. The portable machine uses a battery and is automated.

5. Nerve Regenerator

Finally, many people who have had injuries that affect the spine can have hopes of having a functional nervous system after the introduction of a nanogel by the Northwestern University. Usually, tissue formed after an injury inhibits the growth of nerve cells. The nanogel can work to reverse this problem by working with stem cells in the body. The nanogel is able to form a network of nanofibers once injected into the body. The ensuing environment ultimately allows the development of new nerves in the affected area in the spine.