Job security is dissipating, wages are stagnating and many people are now being forced to get a second income. The good news is that the Internet has given us all a chance to become entrepreneurs and make a living from home. If you have a hobby that could be monetised or want to build an online empire, here are five creative ways to earn extra money via the web.

1. Stock Video/Audio/Images

Filmmakers, photographers and musicians have always struggled to maintain a decent living through the more “traditional” channels. However, stock libraries such as the Envato Marketplace allow users to upload content and sell it for a set fee to clients all over the world. If you have a hobby in one of these creative industries that you’d like to take more seriously – and perhaps even turn into a career – stock can be a great starting point.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t as competitive as search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing. But any company worth their salt will know how important it is to have a dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram marketer to answer comments, upload content and build a following. What’s great about social media marketing is that you don’t need qualifications to get into it, just a proven track record of success. If you want to get started in this field, buy Instagram likes to get that initial influx, and cross promote Facebook and Twitter to them to build a quick following. This will give you a firm platform to build upon with quality content.

3. Bitcoin Investments

Bitcoin has been causing quite a stir over the last few years. Whether you trust it or not, you cannot deny that cryptocurrencies will be big business in the near future. Companies such as Gain Bitcoin will help you get into the business if you have the funds to invest. Like all financial markets, it’s not the “safest” way to try to make a living, and you should only be prepared to spend what you can afford. But if you’re up for a digital adventure, it might just work out.

4. Ebook Writing

Writing an ebook costs nothing but time. All you need to do is sit down, write about your passion (be it fiction or non-fiction), and publish it for free on Amazon Kindle. Of course, an excellent command of the English language wouldn’t go amiss. However, if your ABCs aren’t quite up to scratch, there’s no shame in hiring a ghost writer to get the words onto the page. While ebooks don’t bring in huge riches straight away, they can be extremely lucrative over time.

5. Selling Your Hair!

And now for a wacky idea! If you have long, thick locks you could make between $500 and $1,000 for a head of hair on Hair Trader. If you boast fibres that have never been mechanically dried, dyed or permed – what people in the business call “virgin hair” – you could fetch up to $3,600 (the current record). Of course, while this is far from a sustainable business model, it could provide a nice bit of seed capital for something more long term.