Product demonstration videos are becoming more and more widely-used on e-commerce websites as they are an extremely effective way of showcasing a product’s. As you can imagine demonstration videos tend to have a foot up over images and text as it is easier to ‘show’ potential customers what a product can do and take them through its features.

That being said not all demonstration videos are equal, and if you want to make sure that yours lives up to their potential then you should look to the following five crucial aspects:

1. Prioritise The Features That You Intend To Showcase

Ideally you should keep your demonstration video short, and focus on the features that are most important or unique. Other more mundane features can be mentioned, but time is a valuable asset so you should spend it where it matters most.

2. Select The Backdrop Carefully

As a rule of thumb your backdrop should not distract from the product that you’re demonstrating and should contrast against it so that the product is more prominent. If you aren’t placing the product on a surface, but are holding it up instead – you should consider what is directly behind it.

3. Get As Close As Is Necessary To ‘Show’ Details

Part of showcasing a product’s features may involve small details present in the product. If so you should get as close as possible when recording those details so that they are clear and can be seen by the viewer. While it is technically possible to digitally zoom-in on the footage later on, doing so will result in a loss of quality making it less than desirable.

4. Make Sure The Voiceover Is Crisp & Clear

Most product demonstrations rely on a voiceover to provide context and explain the features that are being demonstrated. Assuming that is the case, the audio quality of the voiceover is one aspect that cannot be understated – and it has to be crisp and clear. The quality of the microphone used to record the voiceover will influence that quite a lot, as will the level of noise in the background. In the event that you’re using both a voiceover and background music, it is important the latter doesn’t ‘drown out’ the former at any point.

5. Inject Some Personality – But Not Too Much!

Many people assume that product demonstrations need to be dry and formal affairs – but nothing could be further from the truth. Injecting some personality into your product videos and making them a bit entertaining can help to keep your audience interested. Of course at the same time you shouldn’t get so carried away that it distracts from the product itself, so it is important to strike a balance on this front.

If you pay attention to these aspects when creating product demonstrations you should end up with far more effective videos. Keep in mind that these aspects apply to product demonstrations involving digital products – only you will have to use a screen recorder for Mac such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to capture the footage that you need.