Hot season sales with numerous promos and free gifts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are valid methods, but have you thought about handling good online shopping experience on other days? Not only brick-and-mortar shops require remodelling. Even a well-seasoned online business should move with the times to remain high appraised. However, improvement of customer’s online shopping experience hinges only halfway on the renovation. A prior constituent is understanding customers’ thoughts and specific needs.

All the aspects should be taken into account to create a completely satisfying customer experience. Start with the 24×7 online support service and continue with enabling a move to making an order.

What are the targeted improvements here? Provide your clients with a better service than they expect. Create a clear-cut intuitive interface, easy-to-use navigation, supply your category pages with multiple filters and product parts finders, spice the checkout process with pleasant bonuses and discounts to get another regular buyer in return.

Marketing is supersaturated of numerous tactics and steps to be taken on the way to the improvement of customer’s online shopping experience. And there is every likelihood you will make up a unique amalgam of the techniques. However, these are 5 incontestable rules to toe:

1. Remodel Your Store Navigation

There is nothing worse for your sale rates than a confusing navigation. Don’t make customers gad about endless tabs, give them a clear vision of your website structure. Let your clients see product images and information right on a category page with the use of AJAX windows. Build up a crisp logic getting each further step insensible and natural for future buyers.

2. Boost Your Site’s Load Speed

Forget about times when users waited up to 5 minutes to a page load. The latest practice witnesses current customers won’t wait even a split second more. This requires definite improvements to be brought to your website performance.  Apply a managed hosting, a content delivery network (CDN), full page cache to enhance the SEO and customers’ experience.

3. Set Your Customer’s Experience Closer To Reality

A unique design is half the work. Brand-new technologies allow for the highest bit specification. Blur the distinction between reality and virtuality, give your customers a chance to feel the products texture and examine all the details with fine-resolution zoom and lightbox windows. Assuage their doubts creating an impression they shop in a habitual brick-and-mortar store.

4. Bring An Air Of The Unexpected

A well-defined checkout process is great, but what if to supply a purchase order acknowledgment with unexpected bonuses. Provide your customers with discounts and an ability to choose a free gift right on the checkout page. Give them a chance to wrap their purchases up and choose suitable materials and gift cards for that.

5. Stay Polite

Face to face communication with a potential client is one of the key moments of any business success. Provide your customers with 24×7 qualified support, be flexible in promises and make clients feel your care. Give them notifications of each order status: ‘processed’, ‘ex-stock’, ‘delivery’, etc. Thank your buyers for their choice and offer related products of interest.

Finally, don’t forget to use the up-to-date extensions to make your online shop platform levelled up and remain competitive in the market. Stay tuned and check for the latest updates to rose visitors interest and raise capital.