Many new Twitter users struggle to grow their twitter following in the beginning. Unless you’re famous or some kind of celebrity, getting new useful followers can be hard. When you look at some people on Twitter they have 20 000, 50 000, some have 100’s of thousands of twitter followers. How do they do that?

Rest assured people with that many followers are probably famous. If they have done it through real time hard work. Then they are pretty good and should be rewarded. Having so many followers does not come naturally. The question I often ask is, are those quality followers? Do those people actually engage with all those thousands of followers?

The answer is, probably not. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want quality over quantity? For me I want to have people following me that will have some kind of input, and engage and benefit me.

I know you can’t choose who follows you, but in the beginning when you are building up your following you might have a tiny bit of influence. To help you and I out in the quest to get more quality followers and to follow more quality people there are some tools out there that will aid us in this quest.