Quicker page loads mean better page rankings, so getting your site up on the end-users screen quicker quite literally could be a load off of your mind. Ironically, the science behind quicker page load can take ages to master, so I’ve trawled the web for some FREE tools to help you measure, understand and improve your page load speeds, whatever your level of expertise.

  1.  Google Developers

Since Google are the ones everybody is trying to impress in terms of page load speed, it makes sense to try their free tool first, as their measurements count. A dream for even the newest of those to the subject, it even categorises any problems and put them in priority order. Those new to the science are often amazed and what an impact fixing those issues identified as high priority can have on your page load speed. This tool doesn’t stop there either. It can even evaluate your site in mobile form and provide you with a mobile report – essential in the smartphone era.

  1.  Neustar Web Perfomance

This is another one that just makes sense. This time from Browser Mob the key quality of Neustar is its ability to store a history of the sites you have tested. This is important because page load is an ever changing issue and needs ever monitoring , so at a glance it is easy to see how today’s performance stands up to when you last checked. The statistics it provides are easy to read and understand and tests from more than just one location, to give you a fully global view.

  1.  iWebTool

Once you are confident in the workings of web page load speed iWebTool Speed Test can help you take it to a new level by testing up to ten websites at the same time. It’s not as detailed or technical as other tools but is perfect to help compare sites and thus better identify where the real problems lie.

  1.  WhichLoadsFaster

Another comparison tool, but this time with more stats and measurements. There is some pretty scientific stuff here and it is also good to watch and even if you are feeling a bit shy about your page load understanding, there is plenty here to learn from and take on board to improve your site.

  1.  WebPageTest

For those techies looking for more and with a greater level of understanding this is probably the best free tool out there. If you think you will get excited by comparing static caches and are looking to examine the first byte time of your site then this is definitely for you. If not, be prepared that you may be a bit bewildered at first, but it does pay to learn to understand it.

That’s just five of the free tools I like to use and I know there are many more. What would you recommend?