Do you create your own content? It can be easy to spend all your time looking up to- and looking at- what someone else is producing. 5 reasons this isn’t the answer…

  1.  You think they are the expert

Guess what- if you think that, sometimes it is true. But sometimes it is because we spend so much time comparing ourselves to others that we lose the opportunity to stand up and be counted ourselves. Plus even if they are the expert now, it doesn’t stop you having your own success and becoming a peer.

  1.  You lose your own voice

When you spend all your time looking and listening to see what others are doing it increases the risk that you’ll try to mimic their style and approach. Get started and see what works for you. Which leads me nicely point three…

  1.  Their audience is not your audience

There may be similarities, but not everything will be the same.

– You are different
– Your audience us different
– Your stakeholders are different
– Your commitments are different

When you do exactly the same, you may still find different results for all the reasons above.

  1.  You don’t know what results they are aiming for, or receiving

It may look successful but is it really? See point three – even if it works for them it may not be right for you.

  1.  It’s all new so you can experiment!

Even where social media is more well established it’s still fairly new to many businesses. Creating your own content, for your own audience, enables you to create the best fit as you see what works. By doing this you can start creating your own internal case studies and success stories.