Are you concerned your web design isn’t up to scratch? Then it’s time to identify any issues and rectify them as soon as possible. As a business looking to succeed in a competitive marketplace, you need to provide a professional website that offers a fantastic user experience. A badly designed website can cause you to lose customers and sales, impacting your bottom line. Since most people are looking for products and services online in 2021, your web design can make or break your company’s goals. Here are five common web design mistakes to avoid.

Your website is too crowded

Whilst it’s important to display important information clearly so your visitors can find it straight away is important, web design that’s too busy can lead to them becoming confused. Cramming too much above the fold, including content and images can cause pages to look crowded and disorganised, and it can also lead to your site taking too long to load. You should also steer clear of using too many different typefaces, colour palettes, and themes which don’t relate to each other.

Your website has too little going on

Of course, if web design has too much going on, it can also have too little going on. Minimalism in web design has become popular in recent years, however, it needs to be executed correctly for it to be effective. Websites which fail to provide enough information risks visitors failing to understand the brand and its purpose. Not only can minimalist websites appear sparse and unfinished, but with too few words and images, it can be difficult to communicate products and services effectively.

Your website lacks a good CTA

The CTA (Call To Action) is a key element on any webpage, serving as a signpost that shows your visitors what to do next. If your site doesn’t have a good CTA, they may not know how to make a purchase or sign up to a newsletter. This means they’ll probably leave your site without doing what you want them to. CTA buttons which instruct your visitors to act are crucial in web design. Good examples of CTAs include ‘Click here’, ‘Buy now’, or ‘Learn more’. However, be careful not to overdo it. Don’t bombard your visitors with CTAs and make sure you give them a chance to browse a page before displaying a CTA button.

A lack of unique, relevant, or fresh content

Poor use of content can have a big impact on the success of your website. Content tells your visitors all about your business and your products or services, but it’s easy to make mistakes. Content needs to be relevant and unique, but it should also be updated regularly too. Otherwise, people might think you’re not trading anymore. Moreover, a lack of fresh content is vital for SEO too and can help to boost your search rankings. Be careful how you lay it on the page, and carefully consider which fonts and text size you use. You should also make sensible use of white space to avoid your site appearing cluttered.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

In 2021, most people are searching for products and services via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. So, making sure your website functions well when viewing on mobile is vital. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely losing huge numbers of potential customers. Providing mobile-friendliness can help you to keep your visitors on your website longer since it will be easier for them to use on their device. This can dramatically reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversions.

Web design mistakes are common, particularly if you’re taking the DIY approach. If you want to build a website that doesn’t just look great, but that provides a fantastic user experience and ranks well in the SERPs, it makes sense to enlist professional web design London. An experienced web designer can rectify mistakes and create a website that helps your business to succeed online long-term.