Business owners and managers are well aware of issues that lower productivity such as bad coffee, an uncomfortable work environment and micromanaging. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your staff are as productive as possible. When your employees don’t provide the required output, it’s often a sign of a much bigger problem that they have no power over.

There are many reasons staff become unproductive: they may be uncomfortable with the current office environment, or lacking nourishment because they’re not allowed to keep snacks at their desks. Whatever the case, it can be a worthwhile venture to invest in your employees’ wellbeing to boost their mood at work and thus their productivity.

Here are five changes to the workplace that will ensure happy and healthy employees:

  1.  Install A Coffee Machine

Nothing wastes more time than a couple of people assembled around the kettle, waiting for the water to boil or someone else to finish up. Because coffee is an office essential, you should install an automatic machine which will allow employees to simply grab & go.

  1.  Install A Water Purifier And Cooler

Employees often neglect proper hydration due to water being inaccessible. Medical professionals warn that not drinking enough water leads to fatigue, irritation, headaches, which ultimately lowers productivity in the office. Providing your employees with a cooler or built in filtration and cooling system in the kitchen and around the office will encourage them to drink more water, which will improve their health. What’s more, you can install all-in-one water dispensers that can also cut operational costs significantly.

  1.  Provide A Relaxation Area

Contrary to popular belief, regular breaks actually improve employee efficiency. Taking a siesta can refresh the mind and help with creativity and problem-solving. On the other hand, sitting at a desk for eight uninterrupted hours leads to fatigue, sore muscles and severe boredom. Provide your employees with a dedicated relaxation area that features comfortable couches or bean bags where they can spend a few minutes away from their desk and daydream. By knowing that you care about their wellbeing, they’ll be more inclined to put extra effort into their work.

  1.  Provide Employees With A Healthy Breakfast

This doesn’t have to be a big expense; once a week is enough to make a difference. Providing your staff with breakfast can have a significant effect on their productivity. By knowing they have breakfast waiting for them at work once in a while, employees will give themselves a little more time in the morning to prepare for the day and come to work in a better mood.

  1.  Ensure Staff Have A Comfortable Working Area

Sitting for a prolonged period of time has also been noted as bad for employees’ health. According to scientists at Leicester University, people who spend a lot of time sitting are more prone to develop heart disease and diabetes. You should encourage employees to switch between sitting and standing up while working. There are various adjustable desk gadgets that provide an effective alternative to sitting all day.

These items are not necessarily work related or gadgets in the technical sense of the word, but they are useful tools to ensure the well-being of your employees and improve the overall productivity of your teams. After all, your staff are the lifeblood of the company.