Some say college years are the time you should focus on your studies. Some, however, start working during that time, even if this work is part-time jobs mostly. Working and studying at the same time definitely isn’t easy – yet such experience gives you something more than just money. You become more independent, you learn how to organise your time better, you gain new skills, and start looking more appealing to your future employees.

Many companies accept students who’d already worked before, more willingly because such students have the skills listed above. Probably that’s why during the past 25 years more than 70 percent of college students were combining work with their studies. This data was collected in 2015, so their number is probably even bigger by now.

Moreover, these days working and studying at the same time is even easier than before also because you don’t need to go somewhere from campus to work. You can if you want to but you’re also able to work right from your room, your flat or a college library, saving time to get to work.

Yes, I’m talking about online work here. There are plenty of jobs that allow you to make money without even leaving your room. Most of these jobs also allow you working flexible hours, easily tailoring your work to your study schedule. If you’ve been considering finding a part-time job for a while and freelance looks appealing to you, here are some online business ideas you might want to use…

1. Freelance Writer

If you like writing and are willing to do this on demand, maybe a freelance writing career can be a great choice for you. Freelance writers create so many types of written content, from blog articles to ad texts.You can try different things and different niches, eventually settling on writing what appeals to you the most. Where do look for freelance writing gigs? Try checking out the most popular freelance platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.), blogging websites (Probloggers, BlogginPro, etc.), various websites willing to pay for guest posts, and so on.

2. Tutoring

If you have good grades and a strong knowledge of various subjects, you can consider tutoring your peers, schoolers or high schoolers. These days you can do this via Skype, aiding others to pass their tests, write essays or improve their scores. Of course, finding clients might be harder than if you would do this offline, but it’s still possible. Come up with some ads describing what you know and what you can offer, and spread them on the websites related to tutoring and studying in general.

3. Selling Your Prints Or Crafting Your Designs

If you have strong Photoshop or illustration skills, you can try selling your creations on image stocks (like Shutterstock) or print stocks (Redbubble, Society6, etc.). While this might not guarantee you getting a huge amount of money each month, this is a good opportunity to promote and sell things you create. Not all students are willing to become graphic or web designers, creating something on demand. Some prefer to sell their own creations, even for a current time period, and such platforms can help you with that. Of course, if you want to try creating something for clients, you can always try looking for design projects on various freelance websites.

4. SMM

Most students are even more familiar with social media these days than adults are. You can make the most out of it, offering your SMM services to various clients. Of course, SMM differs from simply scrolling through social media. You have to focus on various important things, learn some tools, business technologies, and tricks, and try to implement them in your strategy. However, it’s not that hard to master, especially if you enjoy spending time on social media. You can also try making money by creating and promoting your own social media page – for example, a Facebook group or an Instagram account. While such things can take time and efforts to promote, they also can bring you decent money after becoming popular.

5. Selling A Certain Product

One of the biggest benefits of Internet is that reaching out to people and becoming visible is easier than ever. If you are a fan of a certain product or service, you can try selling it in exchange for a certain commission. There are two ways to do so. Either a company selling products or services allows a distributing option or you have to contact them and ask for a permission to sell what they offer.

Without a doubt, building an online career isn’t easy. It could be even harder when you are a student who has to combine work with studies. However, at the same time these days you have so many opportunities to earn money while staying on campus, working flexible hours, and even doing what you love. So grab your chance and see what happens next. I wish you good luck with that!