The UK is replete with exciting attractions and if you love technology and science, then you will definitely love these five awesome places.

1. Jodrell Bank

Visit to Jodrell Bank is a day well spent. Its main attraction is the Lovell Telescope, third largest steerable telescope in the world. With its 76.2 m (250 ft.) diameter, it’s a rather impressive sight, especially during repositioning for observation. Along with three other active telescopes, Jodrell Bank is a base for array of radio telescopes known as MERLIN which, interestingly enough, requires visitors to turn off their mobile phones as their signals interfere with on¬site radio telescopes. There are also plenty of other exhibits that provide enjoyable experience for everyone, with some exhibits specifically aimed at children.

2. Eden Project

One of the most innovative and motivating attractions in the UK, the Eden Project is a complex consisting of two large biomes made of adjoining domes. Each of the temperature controlling biomes simulate a different environment ¬ larger one simulates rainforest environment while the second imitates Mediterranean environment. The general idea of Eden project is to explore and experience sustainability and different climates and habitats, potentially playing a part in future terraforming of desolate places of Earth, perhaps even elsewhere in space. The complex is also home to thousands of plants and wildlife featured in its outside botanical garden.

3. Museum Of Science & Industry

Located in Manchester, this large museum is an exciting place for anyone who likes science, technology and industry. Displays include transport, power, computing and a special focus on Manchester’s industrial achievements throughout history. One particularly interesting display is the recent addition of 3D printing exhibit that features a collection of various 3D printed objects. The museum is situated on the site of the world’s first railway station, the Manchester Liverpool Road and at weekends and holidays, steam train rides are available that go around the location.

4. Air Radar Defence Museum

The Air Radar Defence Museum in Norfolk is located on the site of the former Royal Air Force radar and control base, longest continuously operating radar installation in the world. The museum’s exhibitions include the history of air defence in the UK and a detailed development of radar. One of the key facilities for radar detection during World War Two, the museum features many examples of original radar and communications equipment which is possible to use with supervision, along with other technical equipment.