Over the last decade Software-as-a-service (SaaS) models have gone from strength to strength. Nowhere has this model been embraced more than among those in the small business sector. Smaller businesses are often fighting a continuous battle when it comes to managing their finances, IT and productivity – amongst other things. SaaS has allowed these businesses that bit more freedom to grow and grow. Here, we list the five key reasons why SaaS is a vital tool in watching your small business succeed.

1. Initial & Ongoing Cost

Because your SaaS is managed online, you as a business holder, know the cost of everything you are getting. Most SaaS models work on a monthly or yearly subscription which covers everything. You do not have to purchase the software or fork out for installation or possible extras, if the software goes wrong. The SaaS model usually provides tailored packages for your needs meaning you can pay for exactly what you want and not spend more on added extras that you may not need. Also, if times become tough, or you decide the software you are paying for isn’t meeting your needs, you are able to cancel your subscription.

2. Scale

As your business grows, many SaaS packages can be adapted so that you can include more users to your software package. This is a hassle free process and can be achieved at just the click of a button. Furthermore, unlike traditionally purchased software you are able to access SaaS services from any computer (or even mobile device). This is particularly important if the nature of your small business means you are required to move about.

3. Instant Updates

Regular instant updates not only mean that you are saving on having IT specialists having to migrate latest versions to your computers it also means that you know whatever device you are using is going to be compatible with your version. If not, it only takes a quick click of a button. Gone are the days where you find you can’t open a file or access something because the software you are using is outdated.

4. Intuitive Use

Most applications are accessed through our browser of choice, meaning that there is not quite so much training required as it works on something already familiar to us. Most of the time, productivity can start the moment that the SaaS is purchased.

5. Flexibility

Increased productivity occurs because small businesses are not tied up having to manage their own servers and backups. If things do occasionally go wrong problems are now part of the whole package. Take for example Kyriba, the treasury cloud service. Not only are they managing your servers, they are available 24/7 to support you if any problems occur and this is only one example. Most SaaS provide a very similar service which means you, the small business, is free to further increase your productivity.

It seems that Software-as-a-Service is here to stay and new applications are being created almost daily, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on the work that really matters to you most.