Twitter is a growing social media phenomenon. Many people are using it, but still many more are not. One question that stands out when I talk to non-Twitter people is: “Why should I use it, what benefit is there?”

The difficulty in answering that question is that what benefits you does not necessarily benefit me.

There are many great uses for Twitter. Twitter has grown beyond a micro-blogging service to become a social messaging platform. Even so, it can still leave you wondering why you might want to use it.

So my plea to those who use Twitter is, why do you use it? Get involved here and give me a few reasons why you use Twitter. I believe your response will help many.

Here are some top reasons to use Twitter.

  1.  Communications – Twitter is a fantastic communications tool. It is fast and immediate and has the potential to reach so many people. Not only your followers, but your followers followers.
  2.  Community – I suppose the first aspect of Twitter would be the social part. Twitter becomes useless if you don’t have a community or don’t belong to a community. Build up your following with reliable people and follow those who will benefit you.
  3.  News – Nowadays news seems to break first on Twitter. Twitter is a great source to get ahead on your daily news. Whether that be political, sport, or technology. Twitter is a great tool to keep informed of what’s happening around you. Look what happened in Egypt.
  4.  Branding – Branding is all about getting others to know and recognise you. The more you Tweet and get your Tweets re-tweeted the more you build your brand up. The more you tweet the greater your reach. Extend your brand by tweeting “retweetable” tweets.
  5.  Business Networking – Twitter is a social software, so it’s super easy to meet new people and bring people together. Networking with people of like mind and similar interests for the purpose of exchanging ideas, finding answers, sorting out problems, and generally offering much needed help.

So what is it that you like about Twitter, or perhaps don’t like. As much as this blog post is for people to read and consider, I’m keen to read your thoughts. Why do you use Twitter?