If someone were to make a list of all the technologies that are showing tremendous growth in today’s era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would undoubtedly make it to the top slot. After all, from providing language translations with remarkable accuracy to helping blind people use social media, AI is being used everywhere today.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest technologies that can work as a catalyst in software automation too. In fact, top ITSM businesses have started using the same to attain a whole new level of control. The following are the top 5 reasons why AI will impact the IT Service Management Industry in the years to come:

1. Resolution Of Recurring Issues

There are only so many service tickets that the IT management staff of a particular firm can handle on a daily basis. Unfortunately, one of the most redundant ways time and resources are wasted in dealing with the recurring issues. This is where AI can help. While even a seasoned IT professional can take a long time to identify whether a service request is a result of an anomaly or a bug that needs fixing, an AI can exhaust all the possibilities and take appropriate action accordingly much faster.

2. Self-Service For Low-Tier Incidents

A large number of service requests often pertain to small problems that don’t take a lot of time. However, time they take nonetheless. This problem intensifies when these low-tier incidents are quite large in number and force a professional to keep other pressing matters on hold. AI can be an ideal solution here. By dealing with a big chunk of the incidents on its own, AI can save the IT professionals a lot of time. Besides, customers will love this as is evident from a Harvard Business Review post that says customers usually prefer self-service support over traditional customer support.

3. Personalised Emails

AI can help provide your customers with a personalised experience by looking into their email history to get insight on the problems faced by them in the past. Through self-learning, it can incorporate a personalised response in the reply along with the standard content required for the particular issue. This way you can give your service a “human-touch” but for a minimal price.

4. Improved Organisation & Optimisation

Setting up a skilled IT team is no mean feat. However, such a team will usually have its limitations because every member is expert in their respective field. However, AI can oversee the business operations and help the team leaders to assign duties/service requests to the right professionals based on the timing, request priority, and employee expertise.

5. Instant Information

As AI is evolving and becoming “smarter”, we are able to use them as our personal assistant for various purposes such as schedule meetings (Amy, for instance, that can add to a traditional meeting invite as much as a real human personal assistant). In ITSM, AI can help the IT professionals to resolve service requests by locating the required information from the knowledge base in the form of manuals, images, videos, etc. and displaying the same for the employees without having them to do any manual searching. This can make their job much easier and free of interruptions.


AI is going to improve IT Service Management – there are no two ways about it. More and more businesses are trying to use the technology to its full potential, and there won’t be long before we have finally accomplished that.