Blog comments seem so essential to a blog. It shows the level of reader interaction. It shows that the blog is part of a community. It shows that your post has caused me to voice my opinion.

Here are my 5 top reason why I don’t comment on some blogs.

  1.  I’m too busy – Do you know how many blogs there are out there? How many really good blogs. Do you realise how many blogs I actually read? Time is very valuable. I cannot possible comment on every blog I read. Therefore your blog has to be something special to entice me to comment. Make sure you blog post is special. That it compels me to comment. That it peaks my interest. If it is just a normal run of the mill post. Then chances are I and others won’t comment.
  2.  Closed comments – I’ve just read your blog post. It was really interesting. It was engaging and compelling. But when it came down to commenting, I could not find any place to put my comment in. Your blog is closed to comments. Now some people prefer it this way. I don’t.
  3.  You ignore every other comment – Your blog post has been great. Your points are interesting and it was an engaging read. You have ticked all the right boxes and done everything right when it comes to blog posts. But that’s where you leave it. You ignore all your comments. You don’t respond. Why would I want to comment on your blog when I know from the history of your blog that you will flat out ignore me.
  4.  You are rude – So you read through your comments and there are some that disagree with you and some you disagree with. Instead of respecting those who disagree with you, or instead of engaging in good old respectable debate you lash out and become vile and rude. You belittle me and call me names. You attack my character. There is no way I will subject myself to that.
  5.  I’m not part of your clique – When you do respond to comments you only respond to certain people. Sometimes you respond to certain types of people. I’m not made to feel welcome on your blog. You don’t consider me to be important. All you want from me is my money to either buy some useless product, or subscribe to some overcooked idea of yours. So there you have it. My top five reasons why I don’t comment on your blog. The question is, what stops you from commenting on blogs? Are there some points that differ from what I have written down?

Why not share your reasons for not commenting on some blogs. Waiting to read your comments below.