Many years ago, SEO was a simple, low-cost process that most company owners were capable of handling by themselves. With plenty of keyword-rich content and a few, hastily built backlinks, most businesses were able to easily obtain spots at the very top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Now, however, SEO is an increasingly complex, time-consuming, and expensive effort that definitely requires the help of seasoned professionals who specialise in this all-important area of online marketing. Following are five reasons why. Mistakes Can Result In Painful Penalties And Other Devastating Setbacks For those with limited knowledge of SEO, its history, and its importance, there are a number of very common misconceptions that can prove quite dangerous.

For instance, some people still think that spamming keywords is a sure way to get search engines to pay attention to their sites. Others are building backlinks at lightning-fast rates, without giving much thought to the need for organic links, or links to websites with actual authority. While these mistakes might be obvious to some, they can result in devastating penalties and other painful setbacks for those who are simply using outdated, online marketing tips, tools and strategies. Companies Cannot Afford To Overlook Technical SEO Over the past two decades, SEO has moved well beyond the need for intriguing and keyword-rich content.

Now, in order to appease both web users and search engines alike, companies need to build sites that are responsive, quick to load, easy to navigate, and fun to use. Not only should web pages be both visible and viable on traditional PCs and laptops, but they also have to work equally well on tablets, mobile phones, and other small-sized, portable devices. This is why many Montreal SEO services are committed to offering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that include web development and design, ongoing site monitoring and maintenance, domain name searches, competitor research, and more. Unless a website is technically fit and well-designed from the very outset, it is unlikely to both attain and maintain a first page rank.

Machine Learning Is Playing An Increasing Role In The Ranking Process The algorithms that are used by major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google are incredibly complex on their own. Moreover, these complicated formulas are constantly being revised, updated, and even rewritten entirely. To make matters even worse, all of the major players have additionally added machine learning technologies or artificial intelligence to their ranking techniques. The requirements for appeasing AI technologies are virtually impossible to pin down given that these machines learn something new, every time a new search is generated. Hiring professionals who understand the nuances of this tech is therefore vital for ensuring that new and ongoing campaigns are capable of producing desirable returns.

Businesses Need To Know How Their Marketing Dollars Are Working For Them Spending on SEO can quickly and easily spiral out of control if the right tracking measures aren’t being used. Not surprisingly, there aren’t many companies that have unlimited marketing budgets. Even when businesses do have deep pockets in this area, they still need to know where their marketing dollars are going, and how these investments are performing over time. When businesses hire professional SEO services, they have the benefit of cutting-edge tracking software and analytics.

As such, they’re able to easily see the actions and responses that various campaign elements are inciting. Moreover, they can make sure that their ongoing SEO efforts are constantly being streamlined and revised for producing the best possible returns. When certain strategies do not increase site traffic and conversions, these methods can be done away with, and more time and money can then be funnelled into techniques that are actually driving companies closer to their goals. Companies Need Individualised And Integrated SEO Campaigns That Suit Their Goals To effectively manage SEO in-house, most businesses will require their own salaried, IT professionals who are entirely dedicated to these efforts.

This is not a part-time or short-term job. Once top positions are obtained on SERPs, companies will need to continue striving to maintain them. There are also a number of industry and niche-specific concerns that many organisations must contend with as well, in order to approach their markets effectively, garner the attention of their prospects, and keep this attention over time. As such, all businesses need multi-dimensional SEO plans that are in line with the values and goals of their brands. By working with a dedicated team of SEO professionals, businesses can get individualised and integrated solutions that are provided by seasoned specialists including project managers, graphic designers, creatives, content writers, branding consultants, social media marketing experts, web developers, and others.