Video advertising are more engaging than content writing. However, a good number of advertisers and marketers are still finding it extremely difficult to effectively utilise the benefits of video advertising. Let’s look at how video advertising is necessary in today’s digital world…

1. Video Increases Trust & Credibility 

About 80% of internet users make their buying decisions based on the customer reviews, while about 70% of B2B researchers and buyers use videos as a veritable resource to guide their purchase. If you want to convey your brand’s vision, or establish trust among your potential and existing clients, then video advertising is the best thing to do. Videos will enable you to relate well with your customers more than images and texts.

2. Video Increases Conversion Rates

There is no doubt that video advertising increases conversion rates, it remains the most effective way of converting your viewers to high paying clients. It guarantees a higher conversion rate; knowing your audience is really important and the best way to do this is by telling them a great story in your videos. A lot of people will make up their minds to buy your products or services after watching your videos or after watching the reviews of users. Know why customers come to you; know why they visit your landing page, and use video to show them you are capable of solving their problems. Users want to be sure you have the capacity to resolve their issues. If you have the capacity to do this, then there are chances that your business will skyrocket within the shortest possible time. 

3. Video Increases Customer Engagement

Video advertising remains one of the eminent ways of increasing customer engagement. Once a potential or existing client is watching your video, you can use the person to your advantage. You can tell the person to join your email campaign to complete watching the video. To a great extent this shows interest, engagement and enables you to truly convert viewers into buyers. 

4. Video Is An Effective Tool For B2B Markets

Video advertising is a reliable, useful tool for B2B markets. According to Forbes, about 59% of online users prefer to watch videos than reading text. Also, about 50% of executives would seek further information about any product or service after watching the video. Use video advertising to promote your brand, and take your business to the next level.

5. Video Can Be Easily Analysed 

Video content analysis is the capacity to analyse your video to determine and detect spatial and temporal events. When people watch the videos of your products or service, they can easily analyse what you are doing. So, use your videos to tell a great story.

Core Competency Within Organisations 

Every organisation, especially B2B, should be competent in the use of video advertising. If you are competent on this, it becomes easy for you to reach people. Many people want to access your business with their mobile devices, so creating a mobile app is a necessity. 

According to recent research, a good number of people say that they were happy to return to organisations after accessing it with their mobile devices and about 52% of customers won’t engage with businesses without any mobile website. This doesn’t mean that your website is not responsive. Although, it might be responsive, you may still have to take advantage of another way of marketing your products or services. Make it easy for your wide range of customers to connect with you through mobile platform. Let your email content be mobile friendly. Technology has made it extremely possible to take your business to the next level.