A business continuity plan is an essential part to any company, no matter how big or small. Most businesses will experience an incident that involves data loss but often realise that they need one when it’s too late.

Businesses see it as expensive, complicated to maintain and view it as not a major priority. Unfortunately, disasters are real and here I provide five reasons as to why you should invest in a business continuity plan:

  1.  Downtime is lost money

The average company can lose thousands of pounds for every hour that users can’t access data and applications that run the business. How much money can you afford to lose?

  1.  Downtime is frustrating

For everyone from the office manager to the CEO, downtime is frustrating and it’s completely unnecessary. If you’ve never seen an office full of people who can’t do what they’d planned to do that day and are instead watching the clock to measure how much further behind they are, well, you don’t want to.

The data on your servers isn’t just bits and bytes – it’s the physical manifestation of your company’s ideas and hard work. How much vision and hard work can you afford to lose?

  1.  Your reputation is at risk

For every minute that your server is down there is a customer out there not buying your widget, not getting technical support or customer service and generally losing faith in your company.

  1.  There’s no reason to make life hard for IT staff

It’s not necessary that they spend the night in the server room trying to restore from sketchy tapes. Good DR hardware and software makes life easier.

  1.  Depending on your industry, data protection might be required by law

If you’re regulated, it’s likely you’ll need to provide complete IT records on demand.

I suggest that a business analyses how much downtime will cost your company, consider the impact to morale, customer trust, job security and quality of life for staff, add in implications of non-compliance and it will quickly become apparent that you can’t afford to not have a disaster recovery plan.